Games that you're looking forward to in 2023

I’ve been posting these topics since 2004, although not every year. Here’s the most recent (2021) topic. What upcoming games are you looking forward to?

For me, the focus has definitely shifted to playing more older games, a combination of retro and recent releases from the eighth generation of video game consoles, but on PC. It goes without saying that I’ll be getting Panzer Dragoon II Zwei: Remake on day one if it comes out this year, and at some point I plan to play through the Halo Infinite campaign multiplayer with @UrbanReflex. But otherwise I’m quite content to play and replay games in my backlog on PC, rather that keeping up with new releases. I’d also like to explore more experimental games on platforms like

In terms of newer games, there’s a lot of interesting looking titles, such as Forspoken and Hi-Fi RUSH, although they don’t grab me “must play now” material. What games of 2023 spark your interest?

Panzer Dragoon II Zwei: Remake if it comes out this year, the next part of FFVII Remake, and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora if that also comes out this year.

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Zwei Remake if it comes out this year. I’m also keeping an eye out on Tears of the Kingdom and for Pikmin 4.

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RE 4 Remake

Star Wars Jedi


Armored Core 6

Alan Wake 2

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FF7 Remake Part 2 (Still need to buy a PS5!!)
Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Panzer Dragoon Zwei Remake
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
Heart Forth, Alicia
Metroid Prime 4 ???
Beyond Good & Evil 2 ??? (probably not this year LoL!)

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Hats off to the people who did the fan translation of Stella Assault fab voice acting and now with Mission Stick support too, loving it all over again, now in 2023

Penny’s Big Breakaway from Eveningstar (Mania devs). I was always wondering how they would tackle the momentum in 3D environment problem that Sega can’t seem to solve with Sonic and it looks like they found a workable solution by divvying up the momentum through using the character’s yo-yo. Aesthetically it looks like a mishmash of Nights and Clockwork Soldier.

Sonic Superstars looks like it could be good fun and that they’ve successfully adapted the retro engine based on what the videos show. Jun Senoue is working on the music which could go either way but Tee Lopes is also collaborating and his stuff is top notch.

Other honorable mentions
Talos Principle 2 (this year)
Radio the Universe
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk (August)
Armored Core 6 (August)
Suikoden 1&2 Remake
Metal Gear Solid Delta
Metal Gear Solid Master Collection
Mortal 1 Kombat (September)
R Type Tactics 1 and 2
Star Ocean The Second Story R
System Shock (haven’t gotten it yet)
Riven remake (probably 2025)

New List:

Mario RPG Remake
Super Mario Wonder
Sonic Superstars
Sword of the Sea (A game like Journey!!)
Penny’s Big Breakaway
Tower of Fantasy
Granblue Fantasy Relink

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I hadn’t heard of Sword of the Sea. It does look a lot like Journey!

In the trailer it states some of the creators of Journey are helping to make it?

I’ve been waiting a very long time for this.

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