Games you're looking forward to in 2004

I’m looking forward to seeing how Fable turns out. Also Halo 2 and maybe BC. For PC, Half-Life 2 looks like it will prove to be quite innovative (in terms of game physics).

What is everyone else looking forward to this year (or after)? I mean confirmed games by the way, not possibilites such as Panzer Dragoon 5.

Fable,Ninja Gaiden,Defiance,Halo 2,Bioware’s next RPG…

  • Halo 2
  • Way of the Samurai 2

is not looking for much else

Halo 2
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Uuuuh… nothing much else I don’t think o.O

Half Life 2
(Can’t find a proper official site)


Tribes: Vengeance
(Can’t find a proper official site)

Preview: … ?id=100257

Hitman Contracts should be fun as well…
I know the site doesn’t really show anythin but I couldn’t really find any place with info more than just “we got a few dark as hell screenies and the game will propably be good cos all hitman games are good” type of descriptions…

Anyway, I wrote the games in order of preference, I’m really only looking forward to HL2 and STALKER, just thought the rest will propably be good as well…

PS: Didn’t all ya X-Box owners forget about Sudeki and that other Japanese Mythology themed Bioware RPG :slight_smile: ?

This may suprise you, but I’m not impressed with the selection that is planned so far for 2004. However, it’s still too early in the year to know. There could be some kickass games announced soon.

Call of Cthulhu
Sonic Heroes (not yet out for Xbox in US)
Doom 3
Duke Nukem Forever (I feel lucky this year)

Halo 2
Battlefield: Vietnam (not to sure if its coming out this year)
Men of Valor (again not too sure if its coming out this year)
Doom 3 (hah i can hope its coming out this year)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Everquest: Champions of Norath

Hopefully we’ll see a PS2 port of Metal Slug 5

Thats all i can think of right now.

I am interested to see whats going to come out on the GBA this year as well

W00t! I remember hearing about this now! I must have this game!!! (I’m a Lovecraft fan as well, D-Man.)

I might actually buy a new console this year. Maybe.

I could add GTA:VC to my list considering that it was released in 2004 =P

I was looking forward to Sonic Heroes, but after reading about it it seems a bit naff.

I’m not too sure how well it will turn out. It started out as being adventure based (I assume based on the CoC PnP RPG system) but I heard it might become action/combat based. Lots of combat would just destroy the game.

Hmm, lemme see-

Halo 2
Half Life 2
Sonic Heroes
Kameo: Elements of Power
Singles (explicit Sims rip off, whooh!)
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
The Movies
Jade Empire

*Halo 2
*Half-Life 2
*Doom 3
*Sonic Heroes (Xbox)

Yeah, I was slightly disappointed too. Regarding GC reviews, it got 7.5 at GameSpot and 8.0 at IGN, which aren’t that bad I suppose. I can live with the dodgy camera angles, but hopefully the multiplayer slow-down will be eliminated for the Xbox release. Regardless, I’d buy it anyway…it’s Sonic for god’s sake! :smiley:

EDIT: I accidently read who the hidden team are over at Sonic Cult…let’s just say you won’t be surprised… or disappointed :wink:

Halo 2
Jade Empire
Splinter Cell 2
Thief 3

im suprised noone else is looking forward to thief 3, i really like the first 2.

I was going to add Thief III in my first post but Ion Storm fucked up Deus Ex 2 BIG time so I don’t have much faith in them…
Thief III seems to be using the same game engine as DX2 from screenshots I’ve seen and that fact alone makes me not expect much at all from it since DX2’s biggest short coming (aside from flawed game design and gameplay that didn’t even come close to the original in any aspect) was the horrible programming that rendered it nearly unplayable in systems of any kind of specs from average to “Monster PCs” except for some random lucky ppl that reported good performance…

Yes I agree that DX2 was messed up but im hoping that they will have time to fix the engine before thief 3 comes out. If Garrett could throw objects as far as “Alex D” could then hiding corpses wouldnt be much of a challenge, he could just throw them over a house. I have a feeling the stealth aspect of their engine will work quite well, the dynamic lighting was very good. However some people had to turn off shadows completely to get good performance from DX2, if this is the case with thief it will spoil the game. Ill play it anyway, im a fan of the series so I want to see how it turns out.

Think I’ll wait for the Xbox versions.

I have a version of Thief on PC if anyone wants it.

More games-

Driver 3 (Or Driv3r, ugh)
Prince of Persia (Xbox)
Beyond Good and Evil (Xbox)