Your dreams

I want to know what you guys want to be/make in the future!
What are your plans?Finish college?Get a job in some random supermarket?
Get a job at Nasa?

(I posted this in the Holy District for a reason…)

For some strange reason, my mind remains focused on the present rather than the potential future. You may not survive to see tommorow, so I don’t wait to fully appreciate life.

Sounds like a good way of thinking to me.

At the moment I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with my time in the future. I’d like to get [some sort of] decent job so I can live realitvely comfortably. Also, I want to get some kind of story out there, weither it be a book, game, or whatever, I’m not sure. I’d like to spend my time creatively.

I want to direct/produce movies.

Actually, my dream job would probably be somehow working for NASA. That, or a game developer. But my fondest dreams don’t involve my career.

I want to move to the US (because Scotland sucks), I want to form a cult dedicated to Tzeentch (spam), I want to be a cameo in South Park, and I also want to lose weight. A lot of it.

Actually, my greatest dream is to one day convince Arcie of the glory that is Zowy.

Heh heh heh…

I’d rather chant Father Nurgle’s praises than chant Zowy!

One day, my friend. One day.

Thanks …

I said I posted this in the HD for a reason.I wnated some serious posts…

Geoffrey: I’m willing to bet you are doing SOMETHING in order to progress.I mean you can’t just sit there regardless of what you want to be…

I’m currently in high school,after finishing it Ill go to college to major in Computer Science engineering.I plan to study at least one year in some foregin country.I wanted to go to Japan myself but I dunno…

What if I was perfectly content with my freedom? What if I didn’t want to be anything other than my true self?

I have dreams Gehn, but the slim chances of me ever realising them aren’t very encouraging. I won’t imagine a future for myself when I may never live to see it. I live to appreciate each moment, and I don’t really care about the future.

So are you going to be jobless forever?Don’t you have a certain area you prefer over the others?

Yes you have freedom for now but you are not self suficient are you?

Heh, you sound a lot like me Geoffrey. How happy one is in life is related very closely to what one expects and wants from life. If you want to be a Formula One racing driver, there’s very little chance that you’ll become one, and thus you’re not going to be happy.

Coincidently, there’s already a thread for these kinda things here.

I finish College in June 2005. After that I want to take a year off, maybe travel the world. Upon coming back I’d do the usual: House, job, car, etc. Kids and marriage before I’m 35. No idea what job I want to do. Questions?

I’m just a carefree rogue.

What makes you think I’m jobless?

Nothing.That’s what I mean.

I was hoping for some straight questions.As in : what’s your situation now and what do you plan to do for the future?

Geoff has a job. I asked him what it was once and he declined to tell me. I think he’s beating up people for money.

My dream is to get my own flat, and a job at either games workshop or forbidden planet, and take an english course at university. I don’t know what I’m going to do then though.

Well, I’m a pretty simple guy… Keep up in school, wind up doing something I like in life… hopefully that makes a good deal of money too…

[size=25]Marry a girl like… oh…say… Nevey…[/size]

Jobs at Games Workshop (you never mentioned you were a GW person…) and Forbidden Planet have a few things in common. They’re hard to come by, they look like great fun, they are bloody hard work (KIDS) and they pay sweet feck all compared to other jobs.

Arcie: Not the places in Croydon:) I spend hours in those places, and hardly anyone goes in.
TSE: The small print is sweet :slight_smile: