What happened to Lance Way?

He was a pretty cool fella, but he dropped off the face of the earth a while ago, and I noticed he was removed from the list of mods. Anyone know what happened?

Don’t know, he’s disappeared entirely it would seem. Hasn’t responded to my emails either. :confused:

That’s a shame. He was a great member and helped the Panzer community quite a bit. He wrote one of the best FAQ/Walkthroughs for PDS I’ve ever seen.

It sucks when a community becomes fragmented and starts to shrink. There’s still a few great members that pop in once in a blue moon, but aren’t exactly active:

Geoffrey Duke

And then those that have disappeared entirely:

Lance Way
Robert Frazer

I guess that’s just the nature of forums. Everyone eventually leaves to do something else. You can only talk about Panzer Dragoon so much…

I guess the only thing that can bring them back is an announcement from SEGA for the next Panzer Dragoon game.

I may post now and then, but it’s mostly me being a douche.

That’s what it’s always been, we don’t mind :anjou_love:

I hope Lance is ok, wherever he is…

a lot of people disappear and re-appear it seems (i’m guilty of this too, although i’m less noticeable most likely :P)

Lance contributed greatly to the site and forums, it would be nice if he showed a sign of life and let us know what he’s up to lately!

I’m alive and well, thank you.

Thinking back, I don’t remember consciously making a decision to stop visiting these forums. I suppose it was a combination of pressures from real life requiring me to focus on other things, and my interest in Panzer Dragoon being mostly satisfied.

In fact, my interest in video games (which were once my main hobby) has greatly declined in recent years.

I regret disappearing without a trace. Even though I only check these forums occasionally these days, I’m very glad that this site still exists.

I apologise for this, I no longer use the email account(s) that I had back when I was a regular here.

If you or anyone else would like to contact me in the future, please PM me on these forums; I’ll configure my profile so that I get notified by email.

Good to know you’re still around the place, Lance, and that you’re alive and well. Welcome back. :anjou_happy:

Those emails probably aren’t relevant anymore, but I’ll dig through them and PM you if I find anything of importance.

Shit the bed, you’re alive man! One of the great mysteries has been solved! Good to see you :anjou_love:

Good to see you’re doing well Lance!

It’s surprising how much we change over the years, Lance. I hardly recognize myself when looking back even a few years.

I hope you’re enjoying life.

Maybe we just can’t get the same high out of gaming like we used to, or maybe life offers a bigger high. No matter what I do I can’t shake certain parts of gaming. Real life is kind of boring in comparison.

We’re on Facebook by the way if you have an account! That goes for you too Heretic. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed reading a liberal’s posts as much as I have yours.

I promised myself I’d remain a videogame player all my life…but I haven’t kept up. I have an american X360 that I don’t touch…but I still read about video games all the time, waiting for something worthwhile.There’s The Last Guardian and Child of Eden and Project Draco coming up…

I like to think that what I got out of gaming was actually something much broader. It’s the fantasy worlds that really grab me by the balls. I’m still trying to find a way of incorporating that into my life.

Hey Gehn! You on Facebook? Add me if you are.

I kind of reached a point where I have to drag myself away from fiction otherwise I become completely submerged, and if I do that, I want it to be something real. Gaming can be a trap. Certainly MMO gaming, but a trap I may choose to fall into again. I’ve been drunk on escapism for as long as I can remember, then when I sobered up I remembered why sobriety was overrated. Lol. There are a lot of hidden gems we’ve missed too I bet.

RL has got us by the balls!

Unfortunately I cancelled my Facebook account a month ago or so. Funnily enough, it was because I noticed it was becoming just another form of escapism for me. I quit smoking too btw :anjou_happy:

RL can be unscrupulous to be sure…but I’m still holding on to the possibility of working with fantasy in some form or another. I think the future holds good things in terms of “real”. The videogame industry is still very young. I actually look forward to old age to see the crazy stuff that’ll happen then lol

In the meantime, they tell me I gotta get a job. Fuckers! I’ll never really grow up!

PS: I still get a warm fuzzy “home” feeling when I log on TWoTA. We need to grow the balls and do a PD meet-up one of these days. I’m not even joking. It would just be too surreal to NOT be done.

Lol. Yeah RL sucks. The worst part for me was being told lies about how the world should be when the truth is something is ****ed up.

RL is gonna regret ever meeting me I swear! If you can’t slack then I’ll slack for you no worries! I wish I could be a wandering nomad, but sadly, I chose to be born in the wrong country. Lol.

I’m gonna wait until the next big MMO (probably Blizzard’s next one) then see how much we can lose ourselves in it, assuming it has some immersive PVP anyway. PVE just doesn’t inspire people to bring out the best in themselves enough. I was actually supposed to be ending the tier in WoW with my guild. Whoops. That’s next on my list. A friend of mine is really successful but he plays WoW because and I quote “it’s more enlightening”.

But honestly, life that doesn’t let you live, isn’t worth the sweat.

Maybe we can keep a community going here anyway. I’m not the same person that I was.

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, matey.

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]Lol. Yeah RL sucks. The worst part for me was being told lies about how the world should be when the truth is something is ****ed up.

But honestly, life that doesn’t let you live, isn’t worth the sweat. Life has done worse to me but I’m still here[/quote]

On a more serious note, and to be perfectly honest, despite having some health problems (including an operation) in the last few months, I think I’m finally getting to grips with life. My taste for the philosophical finally proved useful for a change (and it even led me into very unlikely areas like buddhist psychology). After mucho soul searching I feel generally very positive about life. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up though :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that a good or a bad thing? :anjou_happy: But yeah, I’d be sad if TWoTA would ever shutdown. No matter how infrequently I might have been posting here.

Living IS dreaming. And dreaming IS living.

I hope everything turns out well for you. Force yourself to keep your head above the water. Something will come along.

I think we have been away too long. There’s plenty to talk about. I may even try a few more FF games I missed. Lol.

How does Buddhism work? I think I am too free spirited to be caged by anything that disciplines the mind, and my logical mind never sees what it wants to see. I try to only see what is, including this natural order through which life is born and beaten into shape. If you think about it, the universe itself is a prison trapping you behind a narrow 3D scope we call our perception. We are locked in 3 dimensions.

I’m kind of investigating the world of the paranormal and supernatural blended into the nature a lot as natural extensions of the physical world. The best part is, there are endless unanswered questions.

See? There’s always more. Life just gets in the bloody way too much. To hell with it I say!

Oh, I’m not a Buddhist per se. I’m just an agnostic that saw some use in it (they don’t believe in gods anyway). Buddhism basically says “Suffering ceases when attachment to desire ceases”. What drew me in was the logical aspect of buddhism. Apart from reincarnation/rebirth (which is a topic that doesn’t gather much consensus even between buddhists) it’s pretty bullet proof because it’s not about belief. It’s really just considered a religion for tax purposes. It tries to be exactly all about what you said- seeing what is and ditching as much conceptual thought as possible. In fact, it helped me realize a completely different idea of wisdom. Buddhist philosophy or not, the practices of mindfulness and meditation is where it’s at.

We might be locked in 3 dimensions…but conceptually apprehending reality is a fools errand. I’m not trying to sell Buddhism or anything, but I think everyone would benefit from exploring it a bit. It’s just very practical. Besides, the Buddha said to never believe his word if you didn’t agree with them, so it’s a philosophy that respects free thinking.

And I actually did get a new job which might be a cool experience. I’m just very idealistic.