What do you think of the idea of

…resetting the Liberal District?

I don’t plan to do it in the near future, but eventually these boards are going to have to be ‘trimmed down’ a bit, so this was my idea of reducing the overall size of the boards. The forums are currently over 40 megs, so it’s inevitable that something will need to be down in time. I’d rather it be this forum than, say, the Seeker’s Stronghold, where so many good ideas are stored.

Also, it wouldn’t haven’t to be every post - important threads such as the Extended Profile thread and the forum guidelines could be saved, as well as any others that people here would like to keep.

But first… I’d like to know what the general thoughts of the community are… they’re your forums after all.

I say if you’re going to delete anything, delete the locked threads first, then make your way upwards.

I’m actually amazed that you’ve gone so long without pruning the forums. I don’t have a problem with it since I’m used to seeing posts over a month old (sometimes even less) disappearing on a regular basis. But if you’re interested in keeping old threads (I’ve noticed people refer back to them much more here than on other forums) Neil’s idea about getting rid of the locked threads first is a good one.

Just start at the ancient threads, and work your way up, possibly archiving any threads that deserve a place in our hearts.

Maybe we should create a read only forum for the threads we want to keep? Move them all to that forum, and then reset the Liberal District? Maybe doing the same with the Holy District every two years if needs be. And don’t forget to delete unused user accounts, heh. The clog up the database too ^~

Stick with the stickies and one or two other, that people think are important and then delete it all.

be a good idea…a very good idea just using up space, after a thread has gone past the first page it never see’s the light of day again O.O and Liberal district has got a damn lot of those.

Like Neil said, get rid of the locked threads (a lot recently… o.0). Then get rid of some of the REALLY old, spammy ones… and so forth.

Go ahead Solo Wing. Trim it down. It takes forever to load on these damn crappy computers I have access to anyway; deleting some may help.

Hey, long time no see, Berserker :slight_smile:

I hadn’t considered that option… making an “Archives” forum, where some threads are stored. Do many other forums do this? I’d be interested in seeing exactly how it was done on other sites.

I’d prefer not to delete posts that people have put a lot of time and effort into typing out, although a time will come when something will have to be done. I find it highly irritating on other forums when I respond to a thread and then return a week later to find that the topic has vanished off the face of the earth. However, I’m sure that there are some posts on this forum that nobody is likely to want to read again, so I might as well start with them.

By the way, any particular topics that you guys would want me to save?

well, i was about to implement the exact same things on my forums (have been planning it since around january) - the archive forum then prune that is

I also have a kind of “recycle bin” on mine, where you move threads to and decide what to do with them (hidden from public) although thats just cos i get a lot of rubbish on mine.

Well, Shadow Corp does it, but they’d probably pick up their torches and rakes if we took another one of their features. I can’t think of many other forums that do.

Yes, but see:

A) Who seriously gives a fuck what they think?

B) The idea was atually raised before you just told us they do a similar thing, thus we wouldn’t be copying them.

I think I know a Resident Evil community that does it, although, it might just be with their more popular RP threads.

What the heck is Shadow Corp?

“Arc’engal’s Bane”.


Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Ah I’m sure… well, at least I think… they wouldn’t get too worked up over using an idea than didn’t originate on their forums. So, unless there’s any objections, I’ll go ahead with this archives forum sometime over the next month or two.

i am implementing mine over the next couple of days so you could just say you copied me XD

Sounds reasonable. Then Shadow Corp will blame you instead of this site :wink: