Website name

If you asked for my website, and i told you
What would you think… “ah cool name” or "hey interesting"
or “this guys on crack” “what a crap name”

Opinions!! is buying a domain

also considering

Depends what the site is for. What kind of content will the site contain? And what exactly is a hippotank?

well i just want webspace for myself so it will probably host all my created sites, as well as my own personal site.

And i have no idea what a hippotank is.

If it’s just a general page about you that links to other sites, then why not. Since it’s a screen name that you use, it makes sense to make your site’s url named after it. There are lots of people who use their names for their domain.

I like the name hippotank. Everyone must love it… I SAID LOVE IT!!!

Hippotank is not bad.

Well, you gotta love da Shelcoof… but hippotank is (one of) your screen name(s), so that’s a point in favour of that too. What about the list you showed me the other night? We should get people’s opinions of these too:

Let me see… is obviously pretty cool, as are and I’m sure I don’t need to explain why. :anjou_happy: Then again, and will appeal to a few people here!

I guess it depends on which of your several screen names you prefer.

If it’s not a panzer related website I don’t think a panzer relate name would be apprpriate.

Still rooting for hippotank %)

Hippotanks leading at the mo :slight_smile:
However i plan to use subdomains to host various sites (eg,, etc) so i wanna make sure it stays simple and cool is one i’m considering now as well. redruins… and hippotank so far then

I would go to if I knew nothing about it. sounds quite cool. I was just there in PDS yesterday! :anjou_wow:

Can you not get checks It’s parked. It’d be quite cool - got a bit of your name in there and might remind people of Google! :anjou_happy: But hippotank’s random enough (considering even you don’t really know what it is!) to be good. Quite catchy too!

All in all, I’m very confused!

I still think Hippotank is the most catchy, random, and unique so far…

It gets my vote! :anjou_happy:

Hippotank is the favourite then… any of these any better?

You’ll need to explain the meanings of those names, if they have any.

Hippotank still gets my vote as well.

I think hippotank is better than those two.

HippoTank it shall be then =)
I’ll give it a few days in case i suddenly find a better name, but its doubtful. Thanks all =)

I like the sound and look of shelcoof and sestern better (something to do with the “s” it seems), and since it seems highly unlikely that anybody (else) would actually use it for something panzer-related I don’t see a problem with it. Hippotank is superiorly silly, though.

A question of personal taste of course, but I think .net is much more stylish for a personal non-company domain name. .com sounds like you want money.

The thing is the site isn’t panzer-related.

It might get some panzer related material in the future, but most just webspace to colate all the information. I wouldn’t mind a panzer based name as long as its something any general person would think sounds cool

and .com seems more well known that .net (specifically for not so smart people who think only .com exists)