Was Frodo and Sam's relationship homo erotic?

Abadd thinks it was, I think it wasn’t.


I present exhibit A as proof in my defense:


No, don’t get all technical and stop making controversy.

And I present exibit B!

But I dont really think so, no.

Ah hell, you just had to bring it up didn’t you?

NO, their relationship is not homoerotic. Why the hell can two men not be close friends without everyone screaming “gay!” The whole idea is just silly. ugh.

ahem Sorry, this is just something that has always kind of bugged me.

Those two sites are pretty funny though.

No, no, no, no, NO! For Heaven’s sake, NO! Think about this: you’ve just travelled hundreds of miles, most of it on foot. It’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home, and there’s always an army about 2 minutes away who could butcher you if they wanted. And that’s before you consider the whole daemonic presence of the Ring itself.

It’s just closeness in the face of adversity.

On a lighter note, anyone see that newgrounds cartoon that takes the mickey out of Sauron?

“I shall write an essay. The greatest essay. The essay…TO RULE THEM ALL!!!”

I think Abadd’s homoerotic.

:open_mouth: !!!

Actually, I think you guys are getting “homosexual” and “homoerotic” confused. I don’t mean to imply that they wanted to get it on… just that their relationship goes beyond what is considered “normal” between two males by our modern standards. Happens all the time in stories like these, for exactly the reasons mentioned above. Two men can form a bond beyond that of normal friendship, and still not be sexually interested in each other, but it begins to blur the line between purely platonic friendship, and the deeper bonds of love.

On a side note, I have several friends who don’t “subscribe” to any particular given sexual preference. To them, all people are just that: people. You can form friendships with anyone, and even deeper bonds with anyone, according to them. While I don’t necessarily feel the same way, to them, if you met someone who was your perfect match, why would it matter what gender they were?

You don’t even have to go that far to realize that the bonds shared between not only Frodo and Sam, but any males who go through such life-changing experiences, sits on an interesting line between love and friendship.

How can someone love another person in a non “mother-son” “sister-sister” kind of way without beeing sexually attracted to someone?

I meant exactly what I said, thank you! I would never blow your cover!


I meant exactly what I said, thank you! I would never blow your cover![/quote]

Hahaha… I’m not even sure what means, but it was funny :slight_smile:

And Gehn - Therein lies the question.

Loving someone “regardless of gender” is certainly a romantic notion, but we don’t live in a genderless world, and neither do they.

Biological gender, of course. But gender perception/gender role? Purely created by society. Take a look at amazonian culture… women were the bread-winners, the hunters, etc, while men were at home taking care of the babies and such.

Or, take a look at ancient Greek culture. It was considered normal for grown men to take on young male lovers while out at war, because women weren’t allowed on the battlefield.

But all that being said, if you really think about it, what does gender have to do with love? I personally can’t find myself sexually attracted to men (well except for maybe Lordcraymen… he’s hot :anjou_love: ), but so what if some people can?

(Hahaha… Sorry LC. Couldn’t resist.)

All your questions can be answered if you actually know what kidn of love you’re talking about.

What about me, you bitch!?

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The term homoerotic implies sexual attraction by definition. A non-sexual loving relationship between two men is not homoerotic. You can love someone without being sexually attracted to them.

I subscribe to the notion that sexual attraction determines whom we can love (as opposed to vice versa). There can be no romantic attraction without a physical one first.

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