Twitter campaign for a new Panzer Dragoon game


I find this to be a very ironic statement in the light of your recent replies here. You’re misinterpreting my comment as an attack on your petition, but I really don’t have the energy or willingness to convince you otherwise.


If I didn’t talk about it now I’d keep this which I won’t. I’m just exposing facts here & I’m surprised. It’s been 3 month I’m running this.

Again, I’m glad others said thank you.


Yes, I think doing something with those signatures would make the whole project less of a waste of time. If you can think of some way for the signatures/comments to be stored PDL itself, I can help out there. It’s really up to you though, it’s your petition.

Ultimately I am more interested in focusing my attention on what’s actually happening with Panzer - Yukio Futatsugi’s interest in VR and the new album from Saori Kobayashi - than hypothetical re-releases and reboots. So any involvement from me in either campaign will be minimal.


A dragon riding VR game would probably get me to buy a VR set! :anjou_happy:

Well, anyway, could we at least change the link under Partner Sites from “Panzer Dragoon World”, to “Panzer Dragoon World Petition” then? What does Eliot-Ness think?

Also, @Eliot-Ness, Draikin wasn’t trying to convey a negative attitude towards your campaign. All he said is he doesn’t know of an efficient way to combine his campaign with yours without the two separate goals, becoming unclear or misunderstood.


1/ Good idea
2/ I just found this timing weird and the fact that he was falsify describing what I was trying to achieve offended me. I mean everybody understood that I dont campaign for one platform*. A bit like someone was trying to diminish the scope of this campaign & the effort I’m putting in this.

Like 6 months ago, people could have told me: you know what, I need you to promote the Revival petition on social networks…

No need to make more drama for me, I just had to say things.


Alright, it’s now called “Panzer Dragoon World Petition” in the left side bar of Panzer Dragoon Legacy.


I’m a bit sad to sense some division here in what is already a small communitty. When I heard of the open world PD game campaign I was really excited! The point isn’t whether it fit my personal idea of what a new PD should be…nor who created the campaign…but rather that after all these years fans were still showing support and interest to the outside world regarding PD.

For me, it doesn’t really matter the details so much…what would be nice is to gather a bunch of fans, asking for a new game and having that reach Yukio, Sega and gaming communittes in a way that made people talk. From there things could evolve. PD has many lurking fans out there…I see them everywhere over the years.

I always felt after Orta that there would be a new PD game in the future. Call it a hunch from a woo woo kind of guy…I’ve thought many times of buying the IP from Sega myself somehow and facilitating Yukio in making a new game. I think it’s doable in this day age, specially with crowdfounding.

One thing I would stress out above all else would be for you to create a topic on this if you haven’t already on, Eliot. That’s where the bulk of old NeoGaf communitty has migrated after a bit of a scandal that went on in that forum. NeoGAF was by far the most active communitty of hardcore gamers and I remember quite a few PD discussions over the years. They would be the type of guys that would be sure to crowdfund and support a new PD installment…and to generate word of mouth I’d say they are fundamental in this whole campaign.

As for the idea for the game itself, I agree a railshooter might not be the best idea. After TA, Yukio ended up working in projects that had Microsoft backing, but in a very limited way. The fact Phantom Dust was released on the original XBox (which didn’t reach that many people) and that Crimson Dragon was originally developed with the Kinect in mind and was changed midway thrrough development…didn’t help establish him as someone who could come out with a heavy hitter. Now that doesn’t necessarilly have to be a bad thing…not all games need to have huge mass appeal…but in my eyes…a new PD could become a solid IP and top the success of all predessors. In fact, I think it should. It’s all a matter of catching the attention of a powerful publisher that’d be willing to partner with Yukio. I think Sega would be much more likely to allow work with the license if another big name was attached to the development (one that guaranteed more success for their relatively forgotten IP).

Now if Shenmue 3 is anything to go by (and Shenmue has more fans than PD as license) one shouldn’t expect a PD crowdfunded game to set the world on fire perhaps…but this is really all a matter of patience and interest. An indie game is not necessarilly the best route…

But a linear-story-driven open world RPG game would work really well in my opinion. I think the Witcher games (altho I haven’t actually played them, but from what I know of them) are a good example of a lore-heavy IP which was not that well known by most gamers and that managed to garner a lot of success. That’s kind of the route I’d want PD to go right now…to aim for the mainstream and not for the niche. Cause the fans love it for the lore…but with solid mechanics that (altough not beholden to) factor in the taste of the current gamer zeitgest it wouldn’t be in any way a barrier to people buying it. It should/could use the dragon angle as a way to market it. EVERYONE wants a cool dragon game. It’s just hasn’t been made. PD could use that. In fact the dragon idea was what drove Yukio to create PD in the first place…so it would also be aligned with his own passion for creating the game.

An image of Rez Infinite’s new stage (X) immediatelly came to mind when thinking of whether or not the game should be on rails. The open world game could incorporate part of the on-rail mechnics in a way…so the open world idea is much more broad and more capable of encompassing all other possible ideas that could be applied to PD at this point. Yukio himself expressed his interst in the past of doing something involving exploring the PD world (the one he mentioned of some boy piloting an airship)…so open world feels like the way.


I think it’s fine; no need for everyone to be united around a single idea (an open world Panzer Dragoon RPG). Here at Panzer Dragoon Legacy we try to cover a range of fan projects and official content related to the series, without necessarily advocating one revival approach over another.


Hey thanks for the support. I really think this is the direction to go so I will continue the campaign :wink:

It’s funny you mention NeoGaf since I processed 6 months ago to get an account there and it’s only been last week that my account got approved.
Do you think I should still post something on the current NeoGaf forum ? After what happened, I don’t know…

I will also check resetera, thanks !


You know what would be really cool? Arranging some sort of interview with a big game news website and Yukio…kinda setting up the idea of a new PD game. James Mielke, for example, working at 1UP back in the day who was a huge PD fan and worked on the PD retrospctive (had to get in contact with the developers and interview them etc).

It would be good to get some sort of gaming press leverage…someone to write an article on Yukio and PD and Sega maybe. Basically…someone else also interested in a new PD game but who actually works in the industry in some capacity.


Ok thanks !

Now I have an account on resetera but I can only read. I cannot post a new thread, and not even post a reply to an existing topic :confused:

On NeoGaf, I cannot post new thread, just reply to existing threads. It feels like a fortress I cannot access yet lol
But let’s focus on the one you suggested.

I will wait for a bit and see if resetera finally “unlock” me. I tweeted them also to try to accelerate things since I think it’s important to share about this quickly now.


I noticed you mentionned James Mielke.

I tweeted here and there and he was in some of the exchanges but haven’t seen any friendly reaction. Instead he was rather… cold if not condescendant. Just saying how I felt it!

I tend to move from ppl saying ‘not gonna happen’ if you see what I mean. I keep the positive vibes, if ppl don’t believe in this, well ok ‘let’s take distance then. If you wanna help, fine’ :slight_smile:

But I agree this kind of support would help.

EDIT: by the way, if you have an account on Resetera, could you start a thread for me?


Topic now live on Resetera


If you want to win this poster, you have until Christmas :wink:


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