Twitter campaign for a new Panzer Dragoon game


I wanted to have a separate topic as we may discuss further the details about the petition and what we want to have in the next game.

Here, I want to talk about our strategy of communication.

As we have seen, Twitter is probably the best and most dynamic way to make some noise about the series.
So assuming this, I have contacted the team behind the ShenMue 3 campaign.
They were friendly and gave me this link for reference

I also understood something very powerful in their strategy: the tweetathlon that they started running in 2012 I think.
We may have a long road ahead but I am ok to do it…

I think our best chance is that “someone” outside of SEGA gets interested by the project/series and manages to negotiate the rights on a new game. SEGA could keep the rights on the old games and re release them, it would be a free marketing exposure for SEGA too, so a win win.
But we will see later about that.

For now, we need to make some noise so I propose we start this tweetathlon on the 5th of each month as a new game would be the 5th entry in the series.
So basically, followers will have to share their tweets with #OpenWorldARPGPanzerDragoon
I already started using this one quite often so I guess its better to maintain this momentum.

Thoughts guys ?

As you said, it might be more powerful than the petition. But we still needed the text to have the main ideas/Strenghts of the series documented in one place.

Anybody with special skills to make a nice #OpenWorldARPGPanzerDragoon image like that ?


I have mixed thoughts on tweetathlons, as they were used by the Shenmue campaign. More specifically I dislike the use of setting up automated tweets, as it defeats the purpose of showing support when there’s no human sending the tweet. I ended up muting most of the Shenmue accounts I follow because of their endless repetition of tweets, so of course as a result I’m also not seeing any their tweets anymore. In the past, SEGA community managers also asked not to include @SEGA in their tweets, as it makes it impossible for them to manage their social media accounts due to being flooded with notifications.

Otherwise, I’m not opposed to the idea, but I’m just not a fan of monthly tweets. Not that I can argue with the results, but I’d rather use a hashtag as an on-going campaign rather than something to flood people’s timelines with every month. #PuyoChroniclesForTheWest is a good example. The Jet Set Radio fans have made a comeback this year as well, and they’re not really using anything other than #jetsetradio.


Ok, in fact, I was not thinking about automation here. Just use a # and let ppl tweet what comes to their mind related to the game of course.
Is it even allowed to send automatic tweets ? anyway, the idea was to keep the audience engaged so maybe the term tweetathlon is not appropriate to what I want to achieve


Good tweets should feel deliberate and hand crafted. Also, a sure way of making me unfollow a Twitter account is for it to have too many similar tweets, especially if they feel manufactured.


So no Tweetathlon in the Shenmue way. I am just actively recruiting followers and keeping them posted with content.

I am having fun with the GIFs now :smiley:

BTW, RadioSega contacted me for an interview (in fact I had asked for their help before), we’ll see how it goes


To be honest, I had to unfollow the Panzer Dragoon World Twitter account because there were too many tweets, making it harder to see actual news. Others may feel differently of course. This site’s Twitter followers are primarily followed because they are a potential news source.


There are tweets because I have to hunt for recruits right now. It wont come by chance… but that gets filtered in the tweets & answers on your profile, so the main page “tweets” doesnt show all these.

Anyway, some will like, some wont, I have no choice right now, I have to make it visible and thats the more efficient.


There is a little survey I started on Twitter about how we think graphics should look in a new Panzer Dragoon:
1/ Realistic, detailed
2/ Stylized, artistic
if you want to participate, it is here


Hey guys,

If you have any ideas on where to share about the campaign, it cannot hurt !

Still waiting from RadioSega to confirm a date for the interview they proposed… they seem to have technical issues at the moment.



this is not much but I wanted to let you know… this night Yukio Futatsugi followed me on Twitter.

I had previously contacted his studio by email & it was addressed to him. I have not had an answer to my mail yet but I guess if he followed back, it means he read it… maybe time will tell a bit more.


That’s great! I bet he wants to make a new game just as much as the fans!


Anybody volunteer to post on the Facebook page ?

I can create editor roles.

It is a bit difficult for me to be pro active on all social networks but I still believe there are gamers to be made aware of the campaign on all those networks.


You should be able to set Twitter to automatically post tweets to Facebook. Just don’t mention the word “ad”.


Is anybody good with image editing ?

I would need a Panzer Dragoon picture with most links of the campaign on top:





Ideally with this image in the background


Having a phone conversation with Cedric Biscay next week.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


I told you I was trying things and making contacts so I had a great phone call with Cedric Biscay from Shibuya Productions today (producing ShenMue3). It was all very interesting and Cedric had some wise advice.
Some of you might have heard of him, for those who haven’t, Cedric and his company are quite experts of japanese media/games and culture and have contacts.

There is not much I would reveal at this point, I will try more things to serve the project and those advice will certainly be helpful.

Among the things we discussed was the financing of games. Without going into details, there was something I didn’t know: the crowdfunding campaign was not enough for ShenMue3: the 6 millions were only a portion of the whole budget. And yes, as pointed by people before, an open world is expensive to make and Cedric confirmed this.
But it doesnt mean it is not possible, it is all down to what the creator of the series (Yukio Futatsugi) thinks about the licence now, also if SEGA would accept to let it get done, and of course the financing… all of this is feasible.

Of course a rail shooter would be cheaper to make. I personally have fears about this but who knows, it could also be a first step to revitalize the series.

Anyway, I will continue to push on the campaign for a rebooted Open World ARPG game, more and more people are joining and signing. And maybe we will get it, maybe we will get a rail shooter, we’ll see.

So I’m not going to make false promises but I will keep trying things and will let you know once I have something concrete.

And I have almost forgotten to say that Cedric knows and played the Panzer Dragoon games. He said he especially loved the SAGA RPG episode.


This is a good prototype to start working on a new Open World Panzer Dragoon !


Tonight, I have had a chat with David from RadioSEGA and it will air tomorrow evening, I should have a link to share soon.


Thanks for your patience! Tonight’s #TheSEGALounge is your reward.
Tune in:
Join in:

First guest is being interviewed now and my section is right after.

I should have a recorded file of the chat to share later in case you miss it.


EDIT: it seems I cannot embed the soundcloud clip here so here is the direct link
EDIT2: how weird, it automatically embeds the clip when I simply past the URL instead of the code oO
EDIT3: sorry for my terrible accent, I thought 2 years in the UK had me make progress on that but it seems having left might have made my speaking regress