This post inspired by the name "Happy Sappy..."

I was wanting to know if anyone had any weird nicknames on this board. Not just on the internet, but in real life. For instance, I am known as…

  • Demon Bitch
  • Happy Sappy (Thanks Shadow… I ought to kill you…)
  • Lion Queen (Don’t ask…)
  • Whore of the Wind (I’m not even sure where that came from)

What about you guys?

My nicknames:-

Daz-head: A lot of the washing powder of the same name fell on me during food tec. I’ve never quite been able to live that down, but I do like the name ‘Daz’

Accident-girl: I’m very clumsy, and keep having to go to the medical room in school for stuff like lacrosse sticks upside my head, Netballs in my face, Punching myself in the face, y’know, that sort of thing.

The forty-something: Don’t ask.

Genius: :smiley: Well founded.

The blue ninja: I went to a fancy dress party as a ninja, but I couldn’t find any black clothes…

Lion-mane: Please, God, don’t ask…

Well, that’s me done.

… So, there’s two leonine aliases, including my “Lion Queen” imput…


Cuddles (courtesy of Nevey ^_^)


Ur…not many…

You love me really.

I don’t have any nicknames really, but feel free to try and make some up for me if you get bored.

Actually I use to call you Skiad sometimes which is suposely the panzerense word for Shadow.

Anyways, mine :

-Gehny Boy (im usually known by Gehny Boy in one of the LoK boards I post on and occasionally around here [TWOTA])
-Protogeez Kid
-Endow :> ] Vaht

Ah yeah, Skiad rocks ^^

Is there something you’re not telling us, TSE?

Anyway, I usually just get called “Arcy” or “Arc” or “fuckhead” or things.

[quote=“Arcie”] Is there something you’re not telling us, TSE?


Anyway, nicknames…
‘Nevey’ is the main one… and i barely ever get called that. Occasionaly i get called ‘Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve’ by my enemies(which is annoying beyond belief and they know it) but that’s it, folks.

I think we have our first TWOTA love affair?

Love affair? For heck’s sake, Nevey is only 13/14…

And TSE’s no different. What’s age got to do with anything anyway?

I sense another one of my monsters being formed…


Whenever I make a topic, on any message board anywhere, it gets out of control and off topic. It just follows me.

I refer to these threads as “My Monsters.” See page 56 for details. :slight_smile:

No, that was happening long before you came here. Stop trying to steal the credit for my work.

Haha!The criminal confesses his crime at last!It’s “Coolia Dung” for you!

Yes, Nevey and I are madly in love; so sue me. ;p

Well, you are now also the ‘Cheshire Cat’, among other things… xD

What people call me in real life:
Ness, Nessie, Nessa and Atolm. That happened at work actually, someone called out “Atolm” and I actually responded. It was a strange moment…

You do that too? I never noticed. Sorry.