This post inspired by the name "Happy Sappy..."

[quote=“Atolm”]What people call me in real life:
Ness, Nessie, Nessa and Atolm. That happened at work actually, someone called out “Atolm” and I actually responded. It was a strange moment…[/quote]


I haven’t any nicknames, except with the ladies of course (“Sexy,” etc. 8) )


hi my nickname is usally
congratlations to neve and cuddles the two love birds.sorry neve and cuddles.

At least you people have good nicknames. Mine is Whore of the Wind for crying out loud…

Happy Sappy rocks though.

I like that name. The nicest of the nicknames I’ve got. :slight_smile:

From the nicest person! XP

Yeah… Nice.

I got a new nickname today anyway. From a friend who fears me: Attack Dog. :slight_smile: I like that one too.

How did that one come about?

A dude I don’t like, well… I kinda… Sort of… Beat the hell out of him. He punched me, and I don’t see why I shouldn’t have, though he claims that he was “playing.” So my new nickname is Attack Dog.

Hmmm. Well. That makes sense =P It’s strange how you accumulate all this vastly different names though =P

You haven’t met my friends. They come up with names for you for no apparent reason. Whore of the Wind was something that one pal of mine read in a Stephen King book. Demon Bitch came about because another got bored. Lion Queen was there just so I’d have a “clean” nickname.

Heh, I have a crazy bunch over here.

Sounds like you’re a close knit group =P

Yep. Me, Tika (aka, Paine), and two other friends who I won’t mention because they aren’t on the boards, and then the creepy guy who follows us around.

Every group should have a stalking dude =P

Stalkers are fun. You get to call the cops on them.

Nah, if thier was a stalker on my back i would have shot his ankles and his hands, pernamently disableing him for life =) As for the nicnnames, i dont have any. Yet.

Your new nickname: Death. Maniac. Depressed Hippie. Pick one. I’ve got a lot!

Shadow, I though of you a nickname: Shadow. :slight_smile: Ain’t I clever?

That’s horrifically bad.

… Hmm. Okay.

I’ll call you “Dude Who Doesn’t Understand My Sense Of Humor.” That better?