The Lord of the Rings - TWotA Style!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

Aitrus carries a heavy burden.

The Sharp Edge is Aitrus’ loyal companion.

Nevey is about to become The Sharp Edge’s loyal wife.

Will Scott be the next lucky man?

A devious expression appears on RYB’s face.

Geoffrey Duke comforts Scott with wise words.

King Shadow inspires and leads others to victory.

Dopefish is about to been raising his orc hewing count.

Arcie does not appreciate being tossed.

Solo is torn between obeying the law of his father or his conscience.

Karamose eyes the ring of doom, a strange light in his eyes.

The rule of Gondor belongs to Brandt.

Zoull prepares to lead the Rohirrim into battle.

Al3xand3r rests before the war begins.

Atolm masters her swordsplay skills.

Lance looks serious as he farewells the fellowship of the ring.

Snowgirl Orta must choose between love and immortality.

Berserker can’t resist a good chat when he’s given the chance.

Neil prepares to unleash his wrath upon Middle Earth.

Lord Craymen plans to rule the world of men.

You saw it coming, KFC’s second in command Senor Kaffee rules Isenguard.

Abadd whispers false words into the ears of the unsuspecting.

Bluefoot passes down his possessions to Aitrus.

Daz is the lady of the Galadrim, appearing to Aitrus in a vision.

Orta tries to stun her prey.
(Sorry Orta, I was running short on female characters and someone had to be Shelob >:))

Lagi, looking all wise and unhasty.

Winged Death is the embodiment of destruction.

Endow, trying to appear all innocent…

…that is, until his alter ago comes into play, Gehn the Berserker.

lol, damn you! I was planning on doing this as soon as my Star Wars topic died down XD

Many of them are quite appropriate.

And whaddya know, I got the coolest character :smiley:

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]Sorry, I couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

Bluefoot passes down his possessions to Aitrus.

Word. I got yer ring, Gehn! Nyah nyah!

I cried when I saw Endow :’) It’s good that such a valuable forum member hasn’t been forgotten.

LMAO!I laughed hard when I saw the pictures!!Good job Honnit-Han!

Wheresss the preciousss, preciousss?? staring at Bluefoot

I think that “devious expression” on my face can only mean one thing…

sniffs the air

Yup. Let’s not go there :stuck_out_tongue:

I fell off ma chair by the time I got to Gehn’s pics, they had me in stitches lol

The way in which the LOTR characters relate to the peeps on this forum is uncanny :smiley:

Nice 1 Solo :wink:


Solo! You did such a good job! The chracters fit perfectly. XD!

Sweet! I get to be the Shield Maiden that owns the Witch King aka Neil in Battle. >)

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]

King Shadow inspires and leads others to victory.[/quote]

I love you Solo XD

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]

Arcie does not appreciate being tossed.[/quote]


Brilliant casting, Solo! XD

Please rephrase the Gimli comment.

Other than that, it’s a good choice for me, seeing as both Gimli and I have a strong accent. But…Liberal District? You could have picked a better spot.

I didn’t get half of it cos I’ve only watched the first movie :frowning:
O well, good job :slight_smile:

I get to go to the undying lands and live forever! Yay!

More W00tage! I am the fat wobbly one! Not bad, methinks. :slight_smile:

Is anyone going to do a “Panzer Dragoon - TWotA style” thing? Seeing as they’re Panzer Dragoon forums…

I’m at a loss, whether to use R2D2 as my avie, or Galadriel!

Good job Solo :slight_smile:

You should do a Halo one D-Unit XD

I will. Funnily enough, the thought didn’t cross my mind.

Maybe that’s because we’ve already been through this several times.

We have? When?

Well, when we were discussing a PD movie, we suggested who would play who and such… but still, I intend to make a PD one now :slight_smile: