The Age/Sex/Location Topic II

Some members have come, and some have disappeared, people have grown older, and some may have even moved. So, for the benefit of new members, lets use this topic for a bit of brief info about overselves.

19/Male/New Zealand here.

21/male/Paris, France

I study movies and I make some.
Des fran?ais dans le coin ?

19/Male/Champaign-Urbana, Illinois or Prairie Village (suburb of Kansas City), Kansas

18/Male/West Hartford, Connecticut, USA

18 / Male / Peterborough, England

16 (almost)/male/Florida, USA


22/M/Minnesota USA

I agree, Neil is only “almost” male. =P

So Neil is alive :stuck_out_tongue:

I am 18 Years old
I am Male
I live in London, England
I enjoy movies, ice cream, long walks on the beach…

(must end Scott’s complete and utter pwnage of TWotA :anjou_angry:)


ahem Anyhow… Male, 16, Schottland. And that isn’t me in my avatar!

A: 10,032

S: N/A

L: San Francisco

(assumes that figure is in days - otherwise, is very scared)

Drones have a long life span.

That’ll be it! :anjou_happy:

17/male/ Shrewsbury, Massachusetts USA


I agree, Neil is only “almost” male. =P[/quote]

Hey, in my particular position, masturbation is very interesting.

That was WAY too much information there, Neil.


Wow, does time fly by. You’re 20 already Arc? Shit.