Stuff that's not important enough to get it's own topic

Ok, the answer to all our major spam problems. Rather than start a new topic for every irreverant link and funny thing we find, or making a point about politics etc, just post it here.

The influence for this was at Shadow-Corp (I bet you guessed that already). They’re up to 24 pages already (at 10 posts per page) so this should condense any spam that we have to a single thread, rather than having it run rampant about the board.

OK, to start off, the immortal question. Who likes wood?

… Wood? Good Lord, what is wrong with you?

I think I just started another topic on here: “What’s wrong with Arcie?”

Nothing is wrong with Arcie. The question “Who likes wood” is an insider joke, a bit like me being “The Third Mod”. Guideline #1 dammit!

I know. I was joking. But ask anyone on here: my sense of humor sucks.

No, your sense of humour doesn’t suck, you just don’t communicate what you mean very well.

It’s time for Arc’engal Von Sestrel the Third’s…


Step 1:

If you are being sarcastic, people can’t hear that you are being sarcastic. Therefore, place “(!)” after your sentence. This small combination of punctuation means “duh” when translated.

Step 2

If you deliver a line at which you should laugh to show you’re joking, then type the simple phrase “lol” after it.

Step 3

Smileys can be good in the right situation.

“My Lord, your sense of humour sucks ;)”

Step 4

Don’t be a f***ing smartarse!

Don’t hear him guys.Never give away your sarcasms.

A sarcasm isn’t a sarcasm if people are 100% about it.

I like wood. Everything in my room is wood.

Wood… is good. >.>

As you all know, I’m a big fan of wood. And it is completely off topic. What could be more off-topic than wood? :wink:

And yeah, your guidelines are what I try to follow Arc, but some people are justa bit dim (Not talking about anyone from this forum).

Speaking of the guidelines…

What a bunch of stuck up retards o.o I think the term “Elitists” comes into it all somewhere… how the hell is this anything close to embarassing? Maybe they took a snoop around our forums and are jealous of the close knit community we have here.

I think the main problem, if indeed one exists, is that Shadow-Corp and TWOTA are almost exact opposites in terms of how the community works, the average age of the posters, and a few other things.

Most of the posters on TWOTA are in their early-late teens, KFC and SK and Abadd being the main exceptions. Shadow-Corp’s population includes a programmer at THQ software (z0mbi), a crazy guy from Japan (Al), a mod with a shorter fuse than George Bush (Mickee) and a number of other, almost random people. The average age, I’m guessing, is mid-late twenties, rather than teenage.

The two cultures are totally different as well. Swearing is quite common at Shadow-Corp, with one rule on their guidelines actually being called “Don’t be a f***ing p***y” at one point (asterisks added for those who are squeamish, originally uncensored). That rule basically said “If you’re going to swear, swear, don’t put asterisks or any other symbols in it.” TWOTA doesn’t have that many swear words mentioned, for the simple reason users choose not to use them. Swearing on TWOTA is allowed, there aren’t any censors programmed into this forum like there was at Die Welt. Fuck. Shit. Ass. Bitch. See, no censorship software.

And also, of course, with the older population at Shadow-Corp, you’ll often find links to things that just wouldn’t be acceptable at TWOTA because of our age range. I won’t give examples, but some funny, if a little sick stuff does come up from time to time that I wouldn’t allow my cousins (16 and 14) to see.

Anyways, I consider the matter closed. If they take offense to the guidelines then I’ll simply remove them from the FAQ thread, and this spam thread will be deleted if it proves unsuccessful. You can post some more shit on this thread about it if you want, but this thread is still mainly for stuff that doesn’t deserve it’s own topic. And wood.

Actually, while I’m talking about Shadow-Corp, it is a good community to be a part of, but it is a far more difficult one to get into than TWOTA. If you feel you can post to their level, then by all means post a few messages. But read Mickee’s FAQ first, so you don’t make any dumbass mistakes. And if you get thrown in the Magical Moron Committee (their equivalent of Coolia Dung) then don’t say I didn’t warn you.

yeah i once joined up and posted a dragonball Z picture to see what they would do.
Anyways arcus teach me how to rope fast :slight_smile:

o.O I like wood, because it makes great Guns!

What’s your fascination with guns?

My fashination? Nothing, i just think that they aare awsome.


Everyone thinksguns are awesome! They make loud noises and holes in things

Yeah, including people. Hence, guns are not cool.

… Dude. I have a gun collection. I don’t shoot anyone with 'em, but they make me feel safer…

(And yes, I am too young to have a gun, which means that I have to keep it hush-hush around cops…)