Saori Kobayashi's new album with the Triforce Quartet


Seeing as though Big Wax is handling the European and other country releases, I would assume the first number is the day and the second number is the month. To my knowledge, it’s how a lot of non American countries write their date.

Although I’m not sure the date makes any sense either way considering we aren’t even in February yet.


I just got the email to download the full album. It’s out! Will be listening to it soon!


Who did you get the email from. I prerecord the vinyl from Fangamer but did not revive an email from the them for the digital album.


I got the email from Brave Wave.


Some of my personal highlights are:

-A Premonition of Battle
-Holy Chariot
-Seekers’ Stronghold
-Forest Shriek
-Mutant Species 1
-Atolm Dragon

Some songs were slowed down or altered a bit too much for my tastes/imo such as:

-Sona mi areru ec sancitu
-Ecce valde
-Toward The Promised Land

Regardless though, the album is a great reimagining/update to the classic PDS soundtrack!


You mean BraveWave via Bandcamp ? You bought the digital version directly there?

If so, that would make sense because I am not sure the physical retailers (BigWax & Fangamer) are going to send codes straight away? I have re emailed BigWax to know about when/how they will give us codes.
Not really a problem for me since I already had the album but I get quite a lot of questions about it.


Yeah, and the email was from Brave Wave Productions . This is their site where I bought the digital version from:


I know this is misleading but the page you linked is actually the BandCamp store with a BraveWave layout. Or put differently it is like a marketplace where BraveWave has its official store.
But yea, I was confused too when I initially ordered Terra Magica.

So this is why you get access to the digital content straight away. This is the BandCamp platform.
Whereas BigWax and Fangamer supply the code as a complimentary item if if you like. It is not their core business.

So I’m not sure what will happen with people who rely on their physical order to get access to the digital content. They ‘may’ have to wait :confused:


Oh, that’s strange…Imagine having to wait until April to get a piece of paper with your vinyl that has a digital code packaged with it…!!

I hope you guys don’t have to wait too long to get your digital versions. Hopefully you have access to it on the 29th…


The Fangamer pre-order page says that codes will be e-mailed on the 29th, so I would think anyone who ordered from there will be getting theirs tomorrow (US time).


Happy 20th anniversary of Panzer Dragoon Saga, folks! You can read my thoughts on the new album here. I hope you get your digital code soon @Aevelia and others who ordered via FanGamer.


Yes I hope for you guys.

In the meantime, the initial response I had from BigWax was I had to wait until I receive the Vinyl to get the code :confused:
I have re remailed them to clarify about this difference, we will see if it was a mistake. It would be surprising if it was different. I would assume the CD/Vinyl are all manufactured/packed in the same factory then shipped to NA/Europe so that would surprise me that half of us would have the code digitally and half would have to wait for the piece of paper…

Anyway, I haven’t read your thoughts yet Solo, I am going to share mine via a petition update then will read your article and discuss with you guys. I am a bit curious ^^


Checking in: in the US, also purchased both CD and vinyl via fangamer. Have not received digital download code.


Same Here.


I’ve e-mailed Fangamer - will update when they reply. Thank goodness it’s available for streaming on Bandcamp…:anjou_sigh:


Ok so live update:
after having chased BigWax, they emailed me this time saying they have had codes from the label (BraveWave) and supplied mine with link
So their initial response was incorrect. But I guess that’s not something they do often. And BraveWave probably needed time to process this with their distributors.
Good outcome in the end, and I guess it will be the same with Fangamer.

So now, the digital album is available on my Bandcamp too.


I just now revived the download link for the album from Fangamer.


Pretty late in the day! I hope you like the soundtrack!


Just got mine! Better late than never, I guess.


I have just shared my thoughts on the album via a petition update. You can find it here if you haven’t received an email update. I am now going through yours. Obviously my review is far from being as elaborate as yours but I see we share similar opinions, especially on Atolm Dragon. I quite liked the original song and am a bit disappointed by this one (the electronic drums - I wish it was more organic, or a sound more round - and the ‘cheap’ bridge. Sorry Saori). Otherwise, I love the new album as a whole. Some gorgeous arrangements.
It took me quite some time to have a final opinion on it. Maybe 20 listenings of the album back in December to like it as I do now.
I have seen a few fans saying they were disappointed but they only listened to the 4 initial sample songs.

I still think we, the fans have sanctified the songs after 20 years. So it takes time to ‘accept’ and appreciate a different version of our favorite soundtrack.

EDIT: I noticed you named the song 14 INCEPTION, when it is INTERCEPTION :wink: