Saori Kobayashi's new album with the Triforce Quartet



I’ll make a point of addressing this in my review. Until then, I cannot confirm or deny anything about the album that is not already public knowledge… such as whether the album will give you tears of joy or if you’ll be using it as a beer coaster.

But just remember that this album is from Saori Kobayashi.


Okay then, I’ll be looking forward to your review!


Hey guys,

I said I wouldn’t share publicly my thoughts on the album but I might do this semi privately and send my thoughts in an update of the petition (of course not before the album is made available). Actually I don’t like the idea of having my notes sent to Alexander lost… but as my English is far from being perfect, I might send them via the petition :slight_smile:

Anyway, I wanted to keep you updated too. There were a few things I wanted to do for the community and I have just had confirmation I will be able to do it.

So two things:

  • BraveWave has accepted to arrange an interview of Saori Kobayashi for PanzerDragoonWorld. I am already thinking about the questions I will ask but if you have some, feel free to share them here. I will try to select some of them.
  • I will soon start the next Giveaway and the prize will be a signed copy of the Anniversary album.

So stay tuned via the Twitter if you are interested.


You could ask a question regarding how PDS’s music was composed to match the events and areas of the game. Also, a question relating to the hardware used to make the original Azel soundtrack would be interesting.


Also, what was the inspiration for the music itself?

  • What hardware and software did you use to make the music? <- This one I’m personally REALLY interested in knowing since I’d like to reproduce the music from the soundtrack as closely as possible.

I also second legaia’s and Solo’s questions.

  • What defines the PD sound for you, and what elements did you keep from the first two games’ score?

  • Did Futatsugi-san have any requirements from you at the start, or were you given total free reign to come up with whatever you wanted?

  • What are you most proud in terms of what you managed to do on the soundtrack, and do you have any favorite tracks?


Great questions, everyone! I’ve been thinking about this all weekend, and have finally settled on a few to add:

  • How has your experience composing Panzer Dragoon Saga’s original score influenced your subsequent work over the past 20 years?

  • Many pieces in Panzer Dragoon Saga’s original score are very percussion-driven – when writing music for the Panzer Dragoon world, do rhythms or melodies come to your mind first?

  • What was the composing process of “Resurrection” like in comparison to that of Panzer Dragoon Saga’s original score, where the constraints of the Sega Saturn’s sound processor were of influence?

Thank you for considering our questions, Eliot-Ness.


Less than a week until the release. :anjou_happy:


I wonder what kind of price to expect so I can gladly push myself over the edge into financial ruin. I’m not expecting shipping to be pretty either. :anjou_embarrassed:


The Verge just posted a new article about the album, FYI. Yes, I was the first comment. :slight_smile: I also pre-ordered the CD.


Yay! :anjou_happy: :anjou_happy: :anjou_happy: I also ordered the CD.

Here are the pre-order links in case anyone wants to use them:

'Resurrection: Panzer Dragoon Saga 20th Anniversary Arrangement Album' is available to pre-order right now!

• Bandcamp:

• Fangamer (NA):

• Big Wax (EU & elsewhere):

— Brave Wave Productions (@BraveWaveMusic) January 24, 2018


Interested in seeing what the CD looks like @frelled and @Aevelia. What do you think of the tracks released so far? I especially like “Nomad”. :anjou_love:


I also like “Nomad”. I feel like now I can hear the actual instruments the Saturn sound chip was imitating. It feels like the inhabitants of the caravan are playing me a song!

Atolm Dragon sounds alright, and Ecce Valde is a little slow for my tastes. I’ll have to hear the rest to see if I can shake the original soundtrack’s nostalgia off.


I’m waiting until the day of the anniversary to listen for the first time! Those four tracks are tempting, but I must resist. :anjou_sigh:


Was the vinyl even supposed to be sold on Bandcamp? I remember clicking 5 minutes after the tweet and it said sold out, but the fangamer is still available even now. Hmm…

Gave me a little bit of a shock since they tweeted it minutes before I woke up. Glad I got an order through. :anjou_sigh:


I think the physical editions are being handled by Fangamer/BigWax, digital edition by Bandcamp.


It’s exactly that. Bandcamp only sells the digital format for this album.

It’s interesting we already had an article by the verge, I’ll try to avoid duplicates with my questions.
I think I target our interview to be shared AFTER the end of the giveaway* ie after the 11th of February, because I’m a bit late on this due to IRL stuff. So you can still share some questions.

'* If you missed it, you can win a CD copy of the anniversary album, signed by Saori Kobayashi. I think I haven’t shared this here yet. You will need to check the Twitter to enter.


I have to say, it’s very fitting that the vinyls are purple.



I’m glad I was able to preorder the album. But I’m a bit disappointed that the vinyl will not ship until mid-April and the CD will not ship until mid-March! That’s really late.


Hmm, the Big Wax site says “in stock 4/2/2018”… Is that February 4th or April 2nd?!