Saori Kobayashi's new album with the Triforce Quartet

Saori Kobayashi’s blog about the recording with the Triforce Quartet in New York:お知らせ/sally--s%20ny%20again

“They adapted my pieces and created beautiful music.”

“I had to record a few parts in Tokyo with a vocalist.”

This could be an all new album, but it’s sounds like it may be made up of Saori Kobayashi’s existing work too. I don’t want to start rumours, but Panzer Dragoon Saga also had “a few parts” that required a vocalist. I hope this is a live orchestra version of Panzer Dragoon Saga’s soundtrack.

All of the signs are pointing toward a rearranged Saga album, but I don’t want to hype myself (or anyone else) up too much since I want to be able to fully appreciate this release regardless of what it may be. :anjou_embarrassed: That being said, the coincidence of a new album and the upcoming 20th anniversary in January is significant. Brave Wave’s been doing quite a bit of hint dropping on Twitter, too. Here’s to hoping.


Announcing “Resurrection: Panzer Dragoon Saga 20th Anniversary Arrangement” for digital, CD & vinyl! Contains 20 songs rearranged by original composer Saori Kobayashi. Join us on Jan 29, 2018 as we relive the epic world of Panzer Dragoon Saga through its unforgettable soundtrack.

— Brave Wave Productions (@BraveWaveMusic) December 12, 2017

”Resurrection: Panzer Dragoon Saga 20th Anniversary Arrangement” is an official collaboration with @SEGA.

Instrumentals by @TriforceQuartet & @MahoFlute
Vocals by Eri Ito
Essay by @jamesmielke
Liner Notes by Yukio Futatsugi and others
Design by @CorySchmitz
Directed by @cvxfreak

— Brave Wave Productions (@BraveWaveMusic) December 12, 2017

There we have it - our predictions were right on! What does everyone think? Who will be getting this, and in which format?

This is the most excited I’ve been for something to release in a long time. My hopes for the 20th anniversary have already been exceeded. :anjou_love:

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Wooooooo Hoooooooooo!!! Awesome!

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I will get both the CD and the vinyl (even if I won’t be able to play the latter for now).

You should get this guys.

I have been lucky enough to listen to it a few weeks ago.
It’s a gorgeous tribute to the original soundtrack. Every song is rearranged with some being very different from the original song. And it FEELS good. It brings back memories from the game by making the songs feel new, which is a tricky one. We all have sanctified those songs in 20 years. The exercice was not easy but for me it is a real success!

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I wonder how much the vinyl record will cost?

Oh shit! I’ve felt something PD related was on it’s way! So fucking happy!!:anjou_happy:

Very nice, I wonder when preorders are going to start for this. It’ll go along nicely with the data discs vinyl I got.

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I’m Surprised Data Discs didn’t do this one, too. Their loss!

Data Disc doesn’t produces artists as far as I know.

And Saori Kobayashi works with BraveWave on her other stuff (Akkane, Terra Magica…) so I guess it makes sense.

Brave Wave are doing Sega releases as well now, such as the Sonic Adventure soundtracks. And the nice thing is they offer download and CD versions of their releases too.

So, the vinyl is coming out on Jan 29th? Is there any way to preorder the vinyl? Is there a site we can go to yet to look at the price/order?

Not yet. Brave Wave said “Join us on Jan. 29,” so it’s not clear when the CD and vinyl will be available for pre-order, if at all.

I’ve been keeping close eye on this because I’m afraid of missing it like I missed the limited edition of the Data Discs…twice, so when there’s news, I’ll say something here right away if someone else hasn’t already done so. :anjou_happy:

I think Brave Wave would have linked to the preorder page on Twitter if they were ready to share it. They’ll probably link to it closer to the time.

All right lets all keep an eye out!


I’ve been in touch with Brave Wave and listened to a review copy of the album… hang in there, all will be revealed soon. I’m not at liberty to reveal dates or anything else about the album until it becomes public knowledge, and out of respect I won’t.

But regarding pre-orders, remember back to how other Brave Wave releases have happened and you’ll have a fair idea of what’s going to happen here. With Journey there were some tracks available for streaming from Bandcamp during the pre-order stage.

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So, are you going to post a review for all of us? :stuck_out_tongue:

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There will be some kind of review. It won’t be published until the release date though.

Solo, real quick question: Do any of the songs actually sound better in their remixed versions yes or no?

Do the remixes/rearrangements actually add anything better to the old songs? Or does it just seem like another layer to the music that shouldn’t be there?