Saori Kobayashi's new album with the Triforce Quartet



I have been enjoying the album. Definitely brings back the feelings and emotions that I felt playing the game. On a side note, I usually upload all of my songs to Google Play Music upon adding them to my local library. These Mp3’s are showing errors during attempted upload. I have tried renaming the songs, removing any Hiragana and Katakana from the filename and title meta tags. Still no luck. I did upload to my Amazon drive so I can stream them from there, just was curious if anyone was aware of a workaround found through past purchases from these companies.


Nevermind. The silly desktop client Google released is the culprit. I usually use FireFox and forgot that you can’t directly upload via a web browser unless you use Chrome. So not an MP3 issue.


Nice review. I agree with some of the criticisms, but overall I’m very glad that this album was released, as you seem to be.

After reading some of Saori Kobayashi’s comments in the Verge article, it seems that she prefers the new version of the soundtrack. If Panzer Dragoon Saga is ever remade, and she is involved, the music would probably be closer to what is featured in “Resurrection” than the original game.


Oh yes, definitely, this album really sounds suited for the modern remake Panzer Dragoon Saga deserves.
I might have ben a bit harsh with Atolm Dragon, but that’s equally proportional to how much I love this re arranged album overall.

I can only wish we can have an additional batch of PDS re arranged songs of the same quality as Saori Kobayashi mentioned the possibility in the same interview. Personally I would prefer that first, before she focuses on Orta, should an Orta re arranged album happen, as she mentioned the possibility as well.

Now, I don’t want to mistake my dreams for reality but… this is a SEGA licenced album. They could have said: no, we don’t allow that. We don’t want to be bothered by the few remaining fans, this is an IP we have no faith in anyway.
But they didn’t, they allowed this album for the least.

I think it might be a good indicator for them to test the water. With 0 risks. And I guess we have a good card to play as fans.


Ow, I just noticed you linked my review in the latest news, thanks. Although I cannot pretend, it’s of a top quality, that’s why I didn’t share it on Twitter :flushed:

Anyway, maybe some fans will be interested in the contest: the signed anniversary album that can be won on the Twitter. There is a bit less than a week now.


ah ah ah that’s just what Alex is saying right now on RadioSEGA as I listen to the live show ^^
and I swear I didn’t know he was gonna say that.


I think it’s more likely that Sega simply had no use for the IP themselves, so there was no harm in letting someone else (who is likely to respect the brand) use it, especially if they receive a cut. Similar to what happened with Shenmue III. Sorry to spoil your dreams. :anjou_embarrassed:


You guys should listen to this SEGARadio podcast.

Especially at the end, what Alexander says.

EDIT: I have shortened the clip here


So you guys have received your CD? Are you happy with it?
Is the booklet nice?

I have to wait for mine because I ordered the CD AND Vinyle with one shipment fee.
I had no other choice anyway and was wondering what would happen.

And just as I feared, BigWax confirmed by email I had to pay an additional shipment fee (they sent me a paypal link) if I wanted the CD separately.
I told them it would have been nice knowing this when ordering but anyway, I will wait.
I spent enough on this and it’s only a few more weeks until the Vinyle is shipped.