Post a picture of your ugly mug

That’s right, forumites, reveal your true form.

I’m more than interested in seeing what you lot look like.

(Also, posting this in prayer than Nessa will show me a picture of her boobies).

Here is my refined visage:

And another:

Here’s a picture of me signing an autograph after a production of Oklahoma!:
Link to image

And another from Oklahoma!:

bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahha…no! Only my boyfriend can see them! XD

Naughty mod! If I was a more uptight person I would find that offensive!

Do not really have pictures of me… so… have a Cat Macro in celebration of Caturday!

Come on, fellow nerds. Don’t be shy. Let’s see those wide-rim glasses and Gundam Wing t-shirts in the flesh.

So far no bites.


Maybe everyone is camera shy? Either way, I know what some of the members look like. :smiley:

One of the reasons I enjoy the internet is because I’m far less likely to be judged on my gender/race/size/face/clothes. That, and a photo is extremely personal and entirely unnecessary.

here is my ugly mug


I think this is a good time for everyone to just STOP and try to imagine why would anyone (sane or otherwise) envision such an ugly mug in the first place?Why would one want to make it?How is it’s moustache relevant?Are those golden teeth?What’s the story behind those two guys embracing the moustache fellow?

etc etc

PS:I seem to remember a picture thread in the past…

Eh, why not.
I couldn’t possibly be a more handsome individual.
Take two.
Doing some volunteer work for these folks.

Parn is the only one among you secure in his appearance enough to post a picture of himself for The Internet to see. Cheers, Parn.

PS:I seem to remember a picture thread in the past…[/quote]

That was at least two years ago if I remember correctly. People look different now, and also we have a lot of newbies who haven’t been able to share the full forum experience.

Chickeeeeen, bawk, bawk!

Isn’t that encouraging.

There’s a reason why people don’t use their real names online - my identity is personal and private and I have no need or desire to share it with random people on a video game fansite.

A more recent photo taken earlier today. I feel it further plays upon my potent sexual charisma. Enjoy:

Click Me!

I would, but I have no pictures of myself on this computer. I do have a portrait my little brother drew of me though, if that helps.

And to Neil and Parn: I’d hit that.

Here I am in all of my Panzer Dragoon glory.

And here I am again.

Nice goatee thing.

Why thank you, I take pride in my manly goatee LOL.

Me and my best mate down the pub . No we’re not lovers :anjou_happy: I’m Godfather to his girl and boy We’ve been mates since we were 4

My current look , with red hightlights

Me pissed at the last Christmas due just gone . Feel asleep can hardy remember the night , just had to put up with endless mobile texts piss takes . Well if nothing else gave the boys and girls a laugh as they made me a hat and tie at the party

Nice mug, T.A. I like the red highlights.

Now resize your images or face the wrath of Neil.


That’s my serious face.
This is on my passport, if it’s good enough for EU airport and eurotunnel people it’s good enough for you. o:


Haha… TA, I’d been wondering what your ugly mug looked like :wink: Good to be able to put a face to the voice… erm, I mean text.