Post a picture of your ugly mug

Oh it was a ugly mug a while back .This was me with long hair before it all cut off last year (Sepultura and Panetra got a lot to answer for) .Good God looked more a geek than what I actually am (if thats possible)

(See even the football teams I support are Blue and White, Feck me I need a life :anjou_happy: )

And here’s me enjoying a nice drink before I go off to watch the Other Blue white football team I support , Cardiff City the pride of Wales ! After SEGA, the best blue and white Team there is

And here I am again as “The Doctor!!” Along with my trusty Sonic Screwdriver! Damn Daleks!

Don’t expect a reply soon if you talk to me, I don’t get out much these days…

8 months left…

Ah what the heck, behold the pure terror of my extreme geekdom.


This is me as Lee Geum-ja from Sympathy for Lady Vengeance - made for use as an an avatar.
Sympathy for SenorKaffe. :wink:

And that?s the photo I took for it:

Hooray for overexposure and weird color correction settings. ^^

this pic seemed most fitting since its a gaming forum after all
im pretty sure most people know what i look like tho (hint i’m not the big blue thing)