Playstation 4 Games

I recently picked up a Playstation 4 in preparation for The Last Guardian (less than two months away now!).

I’m not sure how long I will keep the PS4 after The Last Guardian’s release, but in the meantime any suggestions for other PS4 games are welcome. I’m interested in exclusives or games that are not available on PC.

Here are my thoughts on the games that I’ve played so far:

Uncharted 4. The previous Uncharted games were solid, but nothing too special. I mainly got this as it is (very definitively) the conclusion to the Nathan Drake story. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of Uncharted 4. The writing is hugely improved over the previous titles which is not surprising given that The Last of Us writers were at the helm. Nathan Drake now feels like a human character, with more depth as he thinks about the consequences of his choices. It’s still Uncharted, more lighthearted and more cartoony than The Last of Us, but within the context of Uncharted the storytelling is top quality. This, and The Last of Us are the peak of story telling in the action adventure genre at the moment. So Uncharted 4 definitely gets my recommendation if you liked The Last of Us and other “traversal” games such as Tomb Raider 2013. As the Uncharted stories are more or less standalone (like an Indiana Jones film), you can play this one without playing Uncharted 1-3 first; it’s perhaps better if you haven’t played the other titles first as the series cannot help to feel a bit repetitive after four games with very similar gameplay.

Bound. A new PS4 exclusive indie game. A walking similar, the uniqueness factor is that you can dance through levels, each of which are made from geometric shapes. The dance mechanic is under-utilised as a core mechanic, but I imagine that you can do some impressive manoeuvres through the level if you get good with the controls. It’s an odd little game. Try it if you want something different.

Gravity Rush Remastered. I got this on @Draikin’s recommendation. Very unique concept, and overall an experience worth trying, although I’m sure that it’s my kind of game personally. It’s enjoyable just soaring around the level while controlling gravity. I’m not too far into the game; only time will tell if it holds my attention to the end.

The Order 1886. I like trying new IPs and it was cheap. This one, however, feels rather bland. The time period is unique as far as shooters go and the environments are very detailed, but the gameplay, story, and characters feel very forgettable. I haven’t finished it yet, but to be honest I’m not sure that I will.

Heavy Rain Remastered. I was never able to complete Heavy Rain on the PS3 due to the game crashing, so it’s great to have finally had the opportunity to finish it, and the updated visuals make the experience feel more cinematic. There’s one scene that I thought was particularly well done. If you’ve played it you’ll know what I’m talking about. It involves a countdown and a painful choice that you have to make within the time limit. I chose not to take any action in that scene. As with David Cage’s other games, the gameplay often amounts to a series of quicktime events, but occasionally it’s nice just to skip the game mechanics that most story driven games are packaged with (whether they help the story or not) and experience something that is more focused on being a cinematic, interactive story. That said, you could probably watch Heavy Rain on YouTube and not miss out on much.

I also tried The Witcher 3; even though it’s a PC game as well, it doesn’t run too well on my video card. I was a bit underwhelmed, given the critical acclaim that this game has been given. I guess the open world nature of The Witcher 3 had me expecting a game world more like that of Skyrim, but there’s much less to it than an Elder Scrolls or Fallout game. For example, even though I travelled from one end of the map to another, there wasn’t much in the way of enclosed places to explore that I could just stumble across. In the largest town, most doors to buildings were locked, and their were very few caves or ruins in the open world. Whereas in Skyrim there are hundreds of underground grottos and ruins to explore. Perhaps more areas are unlocked if you follow the story, but like the other Witcher games, the story felt very slow paced, so it’s not something that grabs at me to continue playing, at least for the time being; I think I’d rather spend more time in Bethesda’s games instead.

I’m ashamed to say: After everything was said and done and after all the dlc’s, I totaled 300 hours in the Witcher 3.!

I can say from experience: the story was very dull and drawn out. I found the sidequests and monster hunting more interesting and thought some of the dlc was better than the main story.

Trust me, collecting thousands upon thousands of items for 300 hours gets very dull indeed. I think the downside of all this item collecting makes it impossible to get excited for any meaningful item.

(Remember that feeling you had in Panzer Dragoon Saga when you were exploring and you found a D-Unit or the Mauler gun part in the Secret Worms Lair? Out of let’s say 12 items you found something valuable! Well, imagine in the Witcher 3 collecting in the range of 100 items, and you haven’t gotten anything special!)

Also, having to wait until you’re a certain level to wear the armor you forged or found is utterly ridiculous! These are my only complaints. The combat is fun, and the atmosphere is great. You will definitely get your moneys worth, that’s for sure!

I’m actually getting the collector’s edition of the Last Guardian! I think after waiting for 10 years I have to go all out!

As for other games, I’d say maybe try Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Thief, and FF15 comes out soon…

Well that’s disappointing. Did you unlock more interesting environments as the story progresses? The problem I had with the world map is that it’s basically all forests and farms. Very good looking forests and farms, but still much the same kind of terrain throughout the world. It reminds me of Oblivion in that respect.

The collector’s edition statue of Trico looks very cool. I’ll probably just get the digital edition, that way it’ll stay in my library for a future playthrough if I end up selling the PS4. I did that for Journey and it’s been great playing it on both PS3 and PS4. You’ll have to let us know if there’s any interesting info we’re missing from the artbook.

Thanks for the recommendations… I might try some of those eventually. I think they’re all on or coming to PC. Still haven’t played Human Revolution properly yet.

Sadly, not really. But you do sail to an interesting chain of islands called Skellige where giants are found. There are no changes in climate really, so, no deserts just a lot of mountainous and rural areas.

I’ll be sure to fill you guys in on any fine details!

While Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the better game, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is more refined as far as gameplay goes. It has a tighter engine and better gameplay; if you chose to run and gun. Sadly, the story is lacking though, as they plan to split it up into multiple games…

From what I remember Thief was very fun. I enjoyed stealing, hiding and exploring the levels. I played it on PS3 and might play it again on PS4. It looks so much better on PS4…

Bloodborne. If you’re familiar with the Souls’s series formula, you probably know what to expect. Another one worth anticipating (that I’m hoping is still coming to PS3 as well or I’d be forced to buy another console) is Persona 5. I enjoyed 4 a lot, and I’m looking forward to seeing what 9 years between titles can bring to the table.

After my flirtation with getting a PS3 didn’t work out so well I can’t say I have much more interest in a PS4.

Yes any potential sequel to The Last Of Us would be eye catching, but the other things that have been PS3 console-exclusive I have now on PC; namely Firewatch and No Man’s Sky. Shenmue III is also coming out on PS3, but again hopefully my PC will be able to run that version.

Oh, apart from LAST FUCKING GUARDIAN. But I’m not sure I can justify the cost for just one game…

And now we know that Discourse doesn’t have a profanity filter. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you would enjoy Uncharted 4, @UrbanReflex (see my comments above). Journey is a must play and has been remastered for PS4. Heavy Rain/Beyond: Two Souls are available as a remastered collection if you’re still interested in trying those. Horizon: Zero Dawn and Detroit: Become Human might be worth playing when they arrive next year.

But yes, it’s a hard sell. Which is why I mentioned that I may not keep the PS4 after The Last Guardian comes out. There aren’t many franchises that are so important to me that they’re system sellers… Team Ico’s games and Panzer Dragoon series are about the only ones, and we’re unlikely to see further installments of either. So I may just game on the PC from here on. It would be fitting if The Last Guardian does turn out to be my final console game.

If my experience is anything to go by, I was considering dropping the game halfway through (there’s one, not very interesting, part of the game that’s just not very fun to play). By the end of the game, I ended up playing through it once again (it’s very rare for me to replay a game these days), and now I regard it as one of the best games I’ve ever played. But much like how I’m not a fan of Journey, I can understand that not everyone will like Gravity Rush. It’s gameplay is flawed, and it has a lot of padding to artificially extend the game’s length (even so, it still doesn’t take very long to complete). But it has a very likeable protagonist, interesting world, an intriguing storyline with a lot of mystery (not unlike Panzer Dragoon) and unique gameplay. It can often be found at a discounted price on PS4, so I hope people will give the game a chance.

My God, I can’t believe The Last Guardian got delayed again! Now the game is coming out Dec. 6!

“A delay is a difficult decision, particularly with this game,” writes Yoshida, “but we have encountered more bugs than anticipated while in the final stages of development."

Which game will come out first, The Last Guardian or Half-Life 3?

Man, I wish the game would’ve just come out on PS3. Transferring all the code over to PS4 is some kind of nightmare! I waited 10 years, I can wait just a little bit longer…:anjou_sad:

Exactly, it’s only a few extra months. At least they gave a new date, when I saw the headline I was worried they wouldnt!

I’m glad that The Last Guardian has been moved to PS4. If you remember the original version of Shadow of the Colossus, you’ll probably remember that it was held back by the limitations of the PS2. It wasn’t until the remastered PS3 version that we were able to play the game at a consistent framerate. Apparantly for the 2009 Last Guardian trailer, the game’s framerate was sped up because they couldn’t get it running smoothly on the PS3 hardware. This was a motivation for moving the game to PS4.

Something about the boy doesn’t look right now. Previously, he had a glow about him similar to how Yorda looked in ICO. Now he kind of looks out of place…

So, I have decided to get a PS4 in the end. Yes, I know my decision changes like the wind.

Mainly I’ve been spurred on by the realisation that y PC probably wouldn’t play Shenmue III very well, and by The Last of Us 2.

Other games I’ll look to get will be the Uncharted series, Until Dawn, Last Guardian and the Shadow of the Colossus remake.

@UrbanReflex The Quantic Dream Collection for PS4 is worth playing too. It consists of remastered versions of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Quantic Dream are planning to release a brand new PS4 game called Detroit: Become Human in 2018.

Also, I hear good things about Horizon: Zero Dawn from people on this forum, although I have not played it personally.

Did you get the Pro or regular PS4?

Ah, well, I haven’t actually got it yet. Considering I have a year before S3 is meant to be out I’m waiting for a good deal or price drop to surface.

I’ll be getting the regular PS4 though. I can’t justify the extra expensive for a couple of extra frames and I don’t really want to condone this trend of companies releasing more powerful consoles half way through the cycle…

The way I see it, it’s an optional upgrade, so it’s not a problem for people not wanting to upgrade. It’s like upgrading your smartphone - you can upgrade, but there’s no requirement to (at least, until the OS stops being supported).

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind the console cycle disappearing altogether in favor of regular upgrades (much like smartphones), if it means that games actually stay compatible with the different iterations.