Buying a PS3

I’ve been rather bored with gaming lately. Looking at E3 titles Beyond: Two Souls, and The Last of Us, I’ve realised that there’s a stream of quality, mature games that are passing me by. Add to this list Ico/Shadow of the Colossus, Heavy Rain, and it’s become apparent that the PS3 actually has a lot of the games I’m looking for.

So, before I go and spend ?190 on something, I just wanted to know:

  1. If anyone here knew of any similar experiences available on Xbox?

  2. If anyone would recommend getting a PS3, and what other games in this vein are available for it?

I haven’t played it yet, but everything I’ve seen and heard about Journey indicates that it is must play game.

I’m not sure what makes some of those games “mature” to you, but it’s hard to find direct parallels to the Sony exclusives on the 360, PS3 showcases tend to go all out on the production to make the most of that BluRay space. Perhaps Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption and the recent Witcher 2 if you haven’t already considered them, two of those are perhaps better on PC if you have that option though.

I got my PS3 when I did as much to play PS2 games, and only one other solid reason… Last Guardian, which is starting to look like a possible no-show. :anjou_sad:

I am in kind of the same boat. The last 360 games I wanted were Skyrim and Mass Effect 3, which were available elsewhere. I have most of my 360 games on Steam now due to bargain sales. I don’t know what I am going to play on my 360 anymore. Nothing is really of interest to me. The Last of Us on PS3 looks great, but I don’t think I will spend the money for a PS3 for just that. I am kind of itching to play the Shadows of the Colossus in HD and Last Guardian if it is ever released. I don’t like the direction MS is going and will not be purchasing a 720. My PC is more than sufficient for me to play cross platform stuff. I am not the biggest Halo fan and MS is dropping the ball as far as exclusive gaming goes. I stopped paying for Live. I have actually been playing more older games lately. I started off as a PC gamer, kind of looks like that is where I am going to end up.

Old topic revival!

Shadow, did you end up getting a PS3? I’m thinking of picking up a cheap one myself (instead of a PC for the time being), since it actually has a pretty fantastic library of arty games. Any recommendations to add to this list?

Games I’d definitely like to play through:

Heavy Rain
Beyond: Two Souls
Valkyria Chronicles
The Unfinished Swan

Games I might play though (convince me or not):

Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection (already played these on PS2, are the HD versions worth playing through again?)
God War 1, 2, 3, and Ascension (haven’t played any of them in great detail)
The Last of Us
Little Big Planet 1 and 2
Lair (I know it received bad reviews, but if I can find a cheap copy I’d still like to try it)
Uncharted trilogy

The Last Guardian would have been on this list, but no doubt it will be a PS4 exclusive now.

Nope, never did pick on up. My girlfriend has one so it’s not an issue anymore :slight_smile: although I haven’t actually got any games for it yet.

I’m glad I didn’t buy one. I’ve had no desire to play anything on the PS3 since I’ve had access to one… except The Last of Us.

Which is easily the best game I’ve played since PDS.

[quote=“Shadow”]except The Last of Us.

Which is easily the best game I’ve played since PDS.[/quote]


I still haven’t got a Playstation 3, although I would like to play the above mentioned games. And apparently The Last of Us should be included in that list.

Imo the best game on the PS3 is Heavy Rain and that game alone is worth buying the system for

I took my friends broken one (broken = disc drive didn’t work, needless to say i have a working ps3 that can download games!)

tbh i have it solely for little big planet (1) which I think is an amazing game and I wholly reccomend it

The Last of Us, Journey, and The Unfinished Swan are all coming to PS4. If you’re after just those games, maybe you can skip the PS3. … 0-6421302/

I still want to play Quantic Dream’s games and Valkyria Chronicles. Unless those games come to PS4, I’ll likely get a PS3 at some point.

Valkyria Chronicles confirmed for PC:

It might be just a matter of time before the best PS3 exclusives arrive on other platforms.

That’s great news. It didn’t deserve to be a PS3 exclusive.

bump I picked up a PS3 with the following games:

  • Beyond: Two Souls. Finished my first play through of it last night. I can understand some of the criticisms of the game, mainly that it mostly consists of a series of linear quick time events. Still, I felt more emotionally engaged in the story than most other games, I think the subtle control over the protagonist contributed to this. I think someone here made a comparison to Call of Duty. I felt Beyond’s narrative did a much better job of showing the consequences of being powerful, something that most games fail to do. One of the best games of the generation IMO.
  • Heavy Rain. Has anyone else experienced the stuck loading screen problem? It will be unfortunate if I am unable to finish the game as this one of main reasons for getting the PS3.
  • Soul Calibur V. I don’t usually follow fighting games series, but Soul Calibur has been one exception. There’s actually a story that continues from game to game too, so there’s some reward if you play each title. In this one, the protagonist is a grown up version of the baby that Sophitia had at the end of the Dreamcast Soul Calibur. I dislike that the series can become so flashy though - the fantasy elements felt more subtle in SC1.

Also purchased, but yet to be played:

  • Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
  • Little Big Planet
  • God of War: Ascension (although, should I play the others in the series first? Does it matter? @Arcie?)
  • Grand Theft Auto 4 and Gran Turismo 5 (I’m not sure if I’ll play these much/at all - they were bundled with the console).

Yet to be purchased, but definitely on the list:

  • Journey Collector’s Edition (Flow/Flower/Journey)
  • The Last of Us
  • The Unfinished Swan
  • Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Another great game that I played recently that you might enjoy is Far Cry 4. It’s obviously not a very brain-heavy romp, but for a great mix action, adventure and exploration (and blowing shit up) it’s hard to beat.

There are so many first person shooters, many with a sameness about them. What sets Far Cry 4 apart enough to warrant playing it over another shooter? I’m also focusing of PS3 exclusives to start with; I may resell the console after that and play multiplatform games on PC or other platforms.

Nothing really, other than the exploration of the open world and ability to take on encounters in whatever way you see fit. Mostly, it just does everything right, and is a lot of fun as a result.

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I’ve considered picking up a PS3 this year if I can find one cheap enough. I haven’t seen too many exclusives that appeal to me, but I really want to play Demon’s Souls. Just completed Dark Souls and heard great things about it’s spiritual predecessor. I’d love to try it.

Demon Souls is pretty darn good, especially if you enjoyed the Dark Souls games. Of course, I am biased since Dark Souls has been my favorite game since Panzer Dragoon. I definitely recommend picking it up since it looks like Demon Souls will not be getting any PC treatment.

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll add Demons Souls to the list.

I’ve also picked up the following games cheaply: Heavenly Sword, Lair, God of War Saga (God of War 1-3 remastered), Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time (although, I think this is the second game in a series again - whoops!), Uncharted 2, and Uncharted 3. No idea when I’ll have time to play all these, ha.

Oh, and all three of Flow, Flower, and Journey. I think Journey warrants a topic all of it’s own; such a special game. :anjou_love: