PDAA Results Discussion Thread

Well I’ve uploaded the results and such on the PDAA site, which you can find using the handy link on the horizontal menu above. It has been double checked for errors but that certainly doesn’t mean there are none, so please inform me if there are =P

Thoughts? Surprises? Long acceptance speeches? =P Write them all here.

Well I deffinitelly didn’t expect to see me winning anything, thanks a lot everyone! Hopefully that’s not one of the “mistakes” :stuck_out_tongue:
The rest results are more or less what I expected I guess, except for Geoffrey not winning in any category… I assume it was a close call with Lance in “most informative forum member” though?
Anyway, congrats to all the winners and especially me :stuck_out_tongue: (j/k, lol, thnx again guys/gals/pets!)

yeah nice one shadow :slight_smile:
althought i think i shoudl have won the services to panzer dragoon award. Must have been really tight. Well fought Solo!

Well done everyone.

Congrats to everyone who won!

I think I’m taking a month off of the boards to so I can laugh at my Spam award XD

Oh and thanx for the Most Interestint use of the English Language award.Altho your idea of the “interesting” concept is sure to be…

…different X)

Btw, I must say I’m very surprised by most fo the other awards.Specially for most informative…
And no I wouldn’t pick Geoff either…

Thank you everyone! Thank you for taking the time, the long hard time that you each earn on this planet to NOT vote for me!


Everyone knows Abadd is the most informative member of our little community. >:)

Abadd actually got votes in that category =P

Speaking of Abadd, he’s a-lurking >>

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]

Everyone knows Abadd is the most informative member of our little community. >:)[/quote]

Not Teh Teasing One either…

There should’ve been a category for the most mis-informative!!! I demand a recount!!!

<- Reverts back to lurking mode…

I…won something??

Acceptance Speech**

I’m a woman of few words… that’s all I have to say (include tears, thanking manager and family)



Love you too, Nevey. :slight_smile:


Me fanfic win somethin?! Yay! ^^

Congrats and thanks everyone!

Hey, thanks guys; the results of the awards surprised me a bit too (mainly because I wasn’t actually expecting to win any of them, so that’s surprising in a good way).

Congratulations to everyone; it looks like some votes must have been pretty close, too.

I’m not a man of acceptance speeches, mostly because I’ve never won anything before. What can I say? This was an unexpected victory and self-esteem boost. Shadow, you devil, when I speculated that Solo would win the Services to PD award you said I wasn’t even close.

A special thank you goes out to all the men and women who voted for me as the Most Fanciable Male. Totally unexpected. Especially considered that I’m not that good looking. Perhaps this will inspire me to take a pic of myself. May I ask who voted for me? :slight_smile:

As for the best signature awards, I consider myself a man of the written word, so this is also a sign that I am progressing in my goals.

Thanks to Solo, Arcie, Gehn, Shadow, Chuck, Scott, Orta, Daz, The Sharp Edge, Atolm, Nevey, Winged Death, Geoff, Abadd, Lance, D-Man, V-Man, Aitrus, Alex, Berserker, and anyone else I forgot.

Congratulations to all the other winners as well. Now I cannot wait until next years awards!

By the way, I was considering putting speeches on the site if people wanted me to. Just let me know =)

Ehh…why not? you can always remove it later if I change my mind right? :slight_smile:

Why would you change your mind? =P But yes, I can. I’ll only post if I get enough though.

Congratulations to all the winners :slight_smile:


… That is the first thing I ever won in a while… Actually, the first thing I won in my life… prints out results, highlights name, and tacks it up on the wall I am so proud. bows to results I AM THE OMNIPOTENT MASTER OF MY DESTINY!

(Yes, I was overreacting, but this actually means something to me. I won something and I’ve lost everything else that I’ve ever been a part of in my life!)