Music to relax!

Can anyone recommend some nice, relaxing music? Best PD-related example would be the PDS track Water Ruins (=Uru), I can relax wonderfully to that. :wink:

Just wondering what your favorites tracks are when you want to turn off your brain. :anjou_happy:

Yeah, Water Ruins is a good quiet, relaxing track.

I also like the Staff Roll from Panzer Dragoon - it’s really nice and is also quite relaxing as well.

But as far as any other relaxing music goes, I can’t think of many examples at the moment! :anjou_embarassed:

A favorite of mine is the music on the title screen of Skies of Arcadia. I think it’s a very nice, relaxing theme.

Not PD or video game related but nice nevertheless:

Download Ethereal Anomaly , Water Caves of Divinity and Shadowing even if the last one isn’t the most relaxing it’s good.

The music from the SegaCD Ecco games is absolutly terrific for relaxing to. I still think that’s some of the better videogame music I’ve heard. You can get all the music for the Ecco games from Caverns of Hope (

Gate of your Dream - NiGHTS :anjou_happy:

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this thread was the title screen music from Shining the Holy Ark.

Also from the Ecco games, which I was just about to mention but Solis beat me too it.

EDIT: I think Sega Xtreme has the STHA music, although I got mine from when it was hosting them (thanks Parn :anjou_happy:)

Also from Skies of Arcadia I liked Fina’s theme and Great Silver Temple.

wow, i forgot about Ecco! And i’m checking out the site now :slight_smile:

Water Caves of Divinity is great Felix, thanks for the tip.

Skies and STHA, hell yes. Another one in STHA that comes to mind is “Evolution”, which plays at the top of the tower (Mirage Tower? Was it that?) when you meet that priest. Think it’s the same melody as the title though, it’s been a while.

One that few may know is in Dark Savior for Saturn, the track that plays in the freezing chamber for the top-criminals. Not quite relaxing but it has a slight…dunno, depressing tone to it.

Plus it gave me a d?j? vu, which I still haven’t figured out. Strange.

It’s relaxing altho a differnet kind of relaxation.Still I love it and I would like you to check it to see if you also find it …relaxing :slight_smile:

Click the one “Light Forge” theme :

To me its a creepy type of relaxing…

Legacy of Kain, my favorite series next to PD and Shining Force. g
The title music is amazing ( not quite relaxing gg) though SR2 is my least favorite of the series and I only completed it once… Listening to Light Forge right now…yup, pretty good. :anjou_happy:

Yeah, creepy relaxation. @_@

Creepy?Eerie maybe but certainly not creepy.Actually the Light Forge is the “co-ziest” (i know I can’t spell) place in the whole game in my opnion.

Nice to see other LoK fans around :slight_smile:
I just can’t see how SR2 isn’t your favourite…It is mine.

Oh, well the story is great, but the gameplay was just far too repetitive and I kind of missed SR1’s “Tomb Raider-ish” gameplay…SR2 felt much more linear and IIRC, you often went through the same areas in a different time…god I hate that…Same thing with Metroid Prime 2 for example. Defiance was similar, except that the fighting was much more fun.

I think playing as Kain in Defiance after such a long time was also a reason. :wink: Style-overload.

That music drives me absolutely INSANE every time I hear it. It’s a theme and variations track with almost random effects…just my opinion.

The Solitudes range of CDs is excellent relaxation music. I have about 4 in my collection (you can get them in Europe quite cheaply). I’ll upload a track to my Geocities space then PM a link, broadband permitting.

SR2 is the only game I don’t care about gameplay at all.The level design, the story, the music, the characters,the voice acting and the symbolism present in the forges (the puzzles) are just wow.

Defiance lacked Kain/Raziel interaction (something I looked forward to) and i was dissappointed to see only remixes as far as music is concerned.And I wanted to see the REAL Water and Earth forges!!!It still ranks very closely to SR2 but SR2 is a bit more magical…

Alot of music from Air (French Band) is very relaxing. Delerium makes alot of relaxing music as well.

Thanks again for the PM Arcie, great “music”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps I should play SR2 again, Gehn (hell, if there’s another game I’ll probably play through the whole series again anyways g).

Although I just think that a game should offer me good gameplay, if I merely wanted a great story I’d read a good book or watch a movie.

If Raizen was here he would probably post something supporting your idea.

People look for different for different reasons.I buy LoK game because the things I mentioned.Gameplay is simply an extra.

PS:Yout hink SR1’s gameplay was better than SR2’s??