I've had another dream I would like to share

My wierd dreams are coming thick and fast…here’s one that relates to the forum!

I was headed to my old high school as there was a meeting being held of all the members of this forum. I got to some huge warehouse doors and waiting there already were U K Narayan and Saga Wing.
U K Narayan looked like an old man (no offence if you’re in this dream and reading this) and Saga Wing was a reguler 20something guy. I told them I was Pete to which they seemed unimpressed (why I expected them to be impressed is beyond me)

When we got inside, instead of it being the main hall of my secondary school it looked like the hall of my primary school.
We all sat down in rows of chairs and stood at the front was Solo Wing Dragon telling us about stuff…but I couldn’t hear.

Later on when it was over I shook hands with Saga Wing as he left then some other guy, looking about 30. He said he was also U K Narayan as there were two people behind the name. He also told me he was going to chat up some girls in the hope they will give him free demo discs (?!)

As I made my way out, Keri suddenly appeared (from where? I dunno) but I was back in my village. I had to check if I had any more classes but you all were telling me to forget about it and go home.

Me and Keri walked up a lane to where my teacher was pulling up weeds on her front lawn (tho in real life this lady isn’t a teacher at all) she told me there were no more classes for today. I looked around and there were cats running about and a Bull Mastif type dog with only three legs. I patted it on the head and it toppled over.

Then I awoke!

What’s that all about?!

I knew I wasn’t the only one who had dreams about this forum! YES!!

Well man, dreams are weird, what can I say. I had a dream once that I battled a sasquatch :open_mouth:

But, something that disturbed me here was the fact that I, out of all people, was not in your dream! :stuck_out_tongue:

Dream about me next. I demand it. And no gay jokes included thank you looks at gehn and shadow snickering

Normally I’m an expert at deciphering dreams, but yours is a bit too weird even for me.

Although the battling the sasquatch thing means you’re fighting something you weren’t sure even existed inside of you or in the world around you.

lol, I’m really surprised I’ve never dreamt about the forum before. I had a dream about Snowie the other day, and one about Arc a while back but thats about it.

That dream seems as strange as my own…

I nerver dreamed about the forum,but I dremt about the Dark DRagon once :B

Oh, and Arc, perhaps Im just sane but I never believe such things :stuck_out_tongue:

…I forgot to mention that it was a giant sasquatch with horns. It wasn’t one of those forest sasquatches either, it was one of the Arctic mountain ones…err…did any of you see that Rudolph movie that had the sasquatch in it? That’s what I’m talking about.

Can you tell me more Arc? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really. That rudolph movie was teh suck anyway.

I had a great dream last night, there was an attack helecopter circling my house piloted by the T-X from Termnator 3. It had flashback of how I gained info on the T-X by infiltrating a warehouse with Keri and Jamie (an old friend) The reason the machines wanted me dead was cos I could move things with my mind and fire electricity from my fingers but that was still developing so I could only do it with a lot of concentration.
I kept getting shot at when the T-X caught a glimpse of me through the window so I couldn’t get to the chest of weapons in my bedroom drawer.

A common theme in my dreams is that I’m being pursued!

You know, in real life I’m scared stiff of talking to large groups of people :slight_smile:

Last night I dreamed beeing Raziel in Defiance!!Really!!

But it was kindda odd, cause even if I was Raziel I still had to use menus that would stop everything ahppening.And I had a funky sword…

I was in a Crystal palace and…

That’s it!Strange dreams…

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]

You know, in real life I’m scared stiff of talking to large groups of people :)[/quote]

Maybe that’s why I couldn’t hear…you were too nervous.
I hate talking in front of people except for one time at college when I had to do a talk on Video Games and how they relate to other parts of popular culture (movies, music etc) and I loved that…plus it allowed me to show the group a video of all my Saturn games! Got highest mark for it too!

I remember once I had a dream of my ex g/f breaking up with me then two days later she revealed that she had to move to Scotland. That was wierd then another time I dreamt I was on a bus and saw a girl I fancied at school kissing my classmate. The next day I found out she fancied that same guy.

ahahhaha irlol at that point. I have weird dreams all the time. Nice dream though :slight_smile:

Did you see me at all? And if you did how old was I?

I’ve thought I’ve a few more dreams =O

Dream 1: I had this dream aaaaaaages ago, when the Die Welt forums were just out of infancy. Basically it was me, Gehn, Arc and Neil meeting up at a pub and having a drink. Arc was there already, then we met up with Gehn and Neil. I think I remember someone saying that someone else was ‘an annoying little ?!@*&$’, but I cant remember who said it about who. Probably we all said it about Gehn =P

Dream 2a: A couple of nights ago I was having this dream about The Will of the Ancients club house. In Peterborough theres a building that looks like this:


This building is actually a shop, but I’ve only been there about twice and can’t remember where it is located o.O It was cool to see a huge ‘The Will of the Ancients’ banner hanging above the entrance (complete with website font =D).
Now, both dreams take place in the blue squarey thing. In both dreams, there was some kind of activity at x, I’m not sure what, but I know that Atolm Rider was involved in it (maybe she was playing chicken =/). Basically, it was me and Solo out front, discussing what to do with the barrier space. I remember he was thinking of putting somekind of table up o.O Maybe with member names on it or something? (No Scott, not a dinner table -_-), and I was trying to convince his that that, basically, would look gay. Also, I remember Solo telling me his plans to ask out the Toys R Us mascot giraffe, ‘Geoffrey’. O.o I used to think the giraffe was female when I was younger, you see.

Dream 2b: The follow up dream, which I had last night. Basically it involved me telling exiled forum member Babylon about my idea to put a ‘Welcome to the Will of the Ancients’ sign up on the barrier. Crappest convincing line in a dream EVER: “Look mate, what do we have here? A road, where people will be coming in! And mate, what do we have here? We have spaaace! What would be better than having something welcoming people in!?” Babylon wasn’t taken with the idea though, despite me asking him how I could attach a html page to the barriers to put the sign on o.O (for those of you who don’t know, Babylon is a website whizz). He didn’t seem to think Solo would like the idea either, and suggested I suggest putting sponsorship panels up there instead. Then we had to shut up and move away as Solo was bringing Geoffrey the Giraffe over to ask ‘her’ out o.O Apparently the answer was ‘yes’ because next think I know I see Atolm dancing around celebrating hyperly. And then I wake up.

Three points:
A) Just… what… the fuck?
B) No kids, what I’ve been smoking isn’t available in stores.
C) Does anyone else have ‘folow up’ dreams a couple of nights after the original dream? It happens often with me.

EDIT: I didn’t even remember the giraffes name was Geoffrey untill I woke up o.O

?_? - I was actually imagianing a type of dinner table…

I’ve had some weird dreams… but no forum relating ones…

I dream I had last night was me and a mate bouncing around the countryside (and I do mean bouncing, pretty much, jumping about half a mile in the air) we were looking for a new location for a fast food restaurant. I jumped high into the air but I got blown off course and went off a high cliff. Before decending I said to my mate that this fall would kill me then went plummeting down, really feeling the Gs.
When I hit the ground I woke up with a jolt.

Ok i just remembered i had a dream yesterday. Well - in my dream - ages ago i was offered a job at “foot locker” (i only saw thon an advertising board watching Man Utd - probably where i got the dream from) Any way - loads of people wanted this job but i said no. (I dunno why)

Now the current time in my dream - loads of people was on like a cliff balcony. Circular with some stairs and on the middle was like… clouds. Basically a drop

Thousands of people was there. Looking and talking.

Then - From the shy “The Silver Samurai” hover down from the sky right next to me. He was in a sliver armoured suit, sword, etc. Everyone was like “!!! The Silver Samurai!!!”. Also - for some reason the Silver Samurai was the one that offered me the job at foot locker.

So I told him i wanted the job and he said “of course you can” and gave me this terrible envelope with my details scribbled and spelt wrong on it. And asked me to fill it out. The best i could do was rewrite what was already there.

Then - he melted - like Michael Jackso at the end of “Remember the Time” except without spinning, and instead of gold dust being left all his clothes was left. And instantly appeared hover in the centre of the gigantic hole all the people was standing around (With all his clothes on again).

Then - Next thing i know is that i’m with the Silver Samurai and some other guy talking about the job in London. Except i felt like a balloon. Not fat - i mean i was attached to a string and was floating in the air, while the other two was in some sort of walking cart. It was hard to direct my movement and i had to avoid loads of cables.

The we got to like some huge building, that looked like the town hall, But with loads of stairs. We started to run up it, and the man was suddenly a girl. (all this seemed normal by the way). We got in - there was just a few few people around. The Silver Samurai was dressed more “Casual” and him and the woman were like “QUick no ones here” and started to grab money fromthe cash register. I was like “i don’t wanna do this” so i walked around and went into this room with lots of my Asian Gangsta friends from school. After i finished talking there, i came back - and noticed a guy with a gun poining it about midway on the steps.

I quickly ran out of the building and the guy shot the Silver Samurai and the girl with him. THey walked out with their stomach bleeding. THen the guy slowly pointed his gun at me and I was saying “No i wern’tstealing anything, i said no, i was just there” he kept pointing so i had to keep moving. THen eventually he said “OK”.

Then i don’t know what happened next - or my dream changed entirely.

Scott, you’re not supposed to go near Crack until you’re at least 18.

You see, for Pete and Shadow, its perfectly acceptable behavior, but for you… :stuck_out_tongue:

woooo i remember that dream i had before! Anyway i’m so angry i just had a GOOD dream AHHHH.

I dreamt that for some reason my friend was into PDS (i doubt he has even heard of it) and we found a university PDS course. I forgot what it was called tho… something like PDDT somthing. oh well. Well I have no idea what i wassa do at uni or where i wanna go so this was perfect!

I was so happy then i woke up. life sucks

O_O I just read this thread for the first time O_O

weirdos… -.-

/me never dreams so I guess you are better off than me though :frowning: