I got another pet... Help

For those of you who don’t know. I own a lot of pets. They are, as follows:

Dogs: Onyx,Ghost, Big Rocky, Azel
Cats: Cleo, Tut, Talim, Tinkerbell
Fish: Kitty Catfish, Dragon, Wallsucker
Ignuanas: Panzer
Ferrets: Lundi, Kain, Demon
Coati: Edge

Well, with the death of my dog Gash, I got another pet… A cat… And I have no name for the poor thing. Since you guys seem to come up with unusual names or since you know unusual names, I’d like you to help me out. Any suggestions, so I don’t have to call the thing, “It” anymore?

Neil :slight_smile:


Snowie can’t hear you, don’t bother sucking up :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s because she can’t hear me that I’m sucking up =(

Where has she been anyway? She hasn’t been online in like a month :frowning:

I miss her terribley =/

Sharpy! Or Cuddles!! :slight_smile:

Toxie - short for the Toxic Avenger
Ash - after Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead
Godzilla/Gamera - Kaiju superstars
Darth (Vader) - the ultimate evil

I watch too many movies.

Oh man, I know what you mean. I was always the kid that brought pets home with me while walking home from school. In fact, the two cats that I have right now I raised from birth, since their mom followed me home from school my senior year in high school (she then gave birth to them in our garage).

The other night, while walking from my car to my apartment, I came across a real, real friendly stray cat. He purred, rubbed up against my leg, and I gave him a few rub downs, and walked away. He followed me all the way up the stairs, and then sat by my door for about 2 hours, waiting for me to come back out.

I was nearly in tears trying to resist letting him in (don’t have room for another cat, and I’m not even supposed to have the two that I have now), but my girlfriend helped me resist. Eventually, he went away… poor thing.

Awwww… poor kitty. :frowning:

I never knew what happen to my little fuzzball… =\

Catterer? or cat? or fuzzball? or, jake or jet, or vimto?

Last time I talke with her was about what…

3 weeks or so.She told me to email her if I wanted to talk since it seems she’s been with some problems lately…

Orta : Name it Darky or maybe Paet :slight_smile:

She got d/c’ed by comcast after receiving a huge bill from them, pending payment. In addition, she’s moving house, so that’s gonna take time as well.

Call your cat “Adanis”, which is “dawnlight” in Elvish. Ok, Eldar…

Gothic names


Cutesy names

Socks (if it has any)

Heh, and I agree with SharpEdge about “Cuddles” XD

Illuvator (the god of the valor from lotr and the simmarilion)
Blinky (Blink 182)
dude (What I’ve been calling every one recently)
prince or pandora (Me mum and dads kittys, but they died :frowning: )

Cats may never be named after the Changer of the Ways. A cats call belongs to Nurgle, Lord of Decay!

[quote=“Nevey”]Gothic names


How are those name gothic?

Nurgles no name for a cat, Arcie!
hmm, looking back on the amount of names in this thread, it’s gonna be a hard choosing names for some of us if we have kids.

Would you rather call your cat “Khorne” or “Slaanesh”? Maybe “Malal”?

If we’re sticking with “Gods of Warhammer” themes, here’s a list of the Primarchs. Enjoy.

Lion El’Jonson
Jaghutai Khan
Leman Russ
Rogal Dorn
Konrad Kurze
Ferrus Mannus
Roboute Gulliman

Although personally, if I was going to name my cat after a WH40k god, I’d call it “Khaine”.

Your comment actually gave me a good idea, Daz…