Hi im new here


And Senko… but lets not talk about her.

And there was a “Phoenix”… 'Cept she was from Portugal so was probably Gehn.[/quote]

And don’t forgot “danielle” and “emmz” if they count.

So that’s like… 13, though half of them don’t participate.

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]I didn’t understand the Phoenix joke either…

Granted a Phoenix is reborn from the ashes of something dead.But for that to happen something MUST be dead…[/quote]


Further proof that my superior mind is way ahead of you punny mortals…

I thought you were talking about Teh Endow.

You know birth,rebirth :B

Phoenix is not from Portugal tho…

Someone was/is. I thought it was her. And your mind isn’t far ahead of ours… because you didn’t get what I meant.

Due to the fact that I dind’t, it is…

Safrassia !!!================ Portugal

Why all the exclamation marks?


!= means different in some language (programming) that I keep forgettinga bout…


!= means different in some language (programming) that I keep forgettinga bout…[/quote]

covering up a mistake?

No.This is the truth.

many females here =P. o and i like the silent hill series too.

And an0mni if she ever comes back…

That image is cool, yes, I’m almost certain lagi has it on his site.
But, I think it’s a little too big for a sig… :x

I suspect that you guys are probably noticing it so much because these are very much “small sig” forums. I mean take my sig for instance; it’s so small you can hardly see it. It’s very interesting of course, and without a magnifying glass or a microscope you’re really missing out…

In all seriousness though, there don’t seem to be any written guidelines for image sizes in sigs; I noticed a text limit guideline, but I couldn’t tell you how many pixels 255 characters adds up to off the top of my head, or if that’s even meant to be applicable to images. Image sizes should probably get their own mention somewhere on the FAQ / Profile pages if they can potentially be an issue…

Well the issue is that one post with a sig like that is like 3 posts of other ppl with small sigs so it makes you have to scroll too much eventually, it makes the forums harder and more unpleasant to read IMO.

Oh I wasn’t arguing with that; only pointing out that it isn’t stated anywhere that a sig shouldn’t be that big, which is something I’d noticed.

…but since Gehn makes the rules here : Ancient Dragoon : please change your sig. :slight_smile:

…Lance: panzerdragoon.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=418

Points at acheint dragon She knows too much! Come my imps! Little guys with Uzi’s come runiing out J/k =D Hope you have fun here…

oke i remove it . i go looking for a small one =P. sorry for that.

My mistake; I was looking at the other forum FAQ (the tedious official one). Oops.