Hey hey look at me look at me look at me

it says i’m supposed to introduce myself here, but i so foolishly spent my first 23 posts getting straight to business in the seeker stronghold.

19, male… i play videogames all day and skip all my classes and make my friends play games with me rather than do their homework. i also design videogames (my bliss) but i… don’t get payed yet.

finally found a place where i can meet other people that play the games i like… i’m just one in a handfull of people in the US that play virtual on oratorio tangram and i’m also pretty sure that i’m the only person in the world that plays gunvalkyrie :frowning:

No you are not shakes head :slight_smile:

Welcome (im sure I welcomed you before but oh well) MegaThedium (jk:P)!

Even if it is somewhat late, welcome.

Welcome. (I’m not sure if I welcomed you in the other forum, so here’s to make sure.)

Hey what are you doing here Lance?!You don’t hva epermission to post in the Liberal district!!Gettaout of here!!

For your heinously poor topic title, which is bordering on attention seeking, really, you receive a pez.


Now post smarter, not harder! :wink:

Welcome, d00d…

OMG ROTFL I SED d00d. >.>


And, this isn’t attention seeking people. This is hyperactivity at its best, so Arcie, unless your dispenses Ritalin…


Welcome to the forums.

hi im a newby. and a mega panzer dragoon (saturn fan). greetz.

You’re signature is so… So big…

Too big. Please change it to an acceptable size. I think mine is the maximum size a sig can be.

No ancient-dragoon.

Not everybody here is like that…

Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to the fourms, If you see me holding a knife, dont be alarmed unless i has you name on it…Sees his name on it Ok now you can be alarmed =D J/k

hey! someone is leeching off of my introduction thread! >:O i demand hardcore bannage!! what? it doesn’t work that way? well then i’ll just pretend all the hellos are directed at me :smiley:

this seems like a… happenin place. really, you guys are funky-fresh.

oh and welcome to the forums, ancient-dragoon



… Sorry. Sorry. Really, I am. Sorry.

Why are you saying sorry so much? Are you going Sane?! DARN IT!!! NOT ANOTHER!!! Bangs his head on the table Welcome again mister man…Referring to the new member

Dude, you need ritalin or something :expressionless:

I was on Prozac once, so I know first hand that might calm him down. You just kind of agree to everything and float around in your own little cloud if it works right.

… But I like Winged Death absolutely insane. It’s entertaining.