Hey hey look at me look at me look at me

No, I’m right in the mind, i just like being insane…or am i…Sees his siter saying im with Insane boy Damn it.

The whole, “I’m crazy” trend pisses me off.

The ones that actually are mentally ill get no attention, as a result.

Just tell Winged Death to stop it then. Or get Shadow to tell him. He’ll probably listen to Shadow, because Shadow has power on this section of the boards.

…I see then. I’ll Shut up. I guess my “Act” just seems to get to you, im just jokeing if you dont like it i will stop.

Man, me and Winged Death are getting yelled at a lot today on the forums.

(Off topic, yes, but feel free to steer it back toward the original topic)

It’s just needless posting, I’m afraid =/

Hmm, I seem to be lossing my touch, after fiveyears of Moding and Admin at fourms i should know better <.<

Maybe it’s just me;Maybe I’m the only proud guy around here, but that was wrong of you to say that man.A mod is just another person in the boards.Heck if I was gonna satisfy Shadow I woulnd’t post at all.

The only thing you ahve to care about is about Shadow’s mod status,not his likes or dislikes.

PS:This isn’t a rant Shadow so please don’t storm.

Neil : Hmmmm… Nah it’s just my memory that probably is slippin badly…

I know he is a person and not just someone in authrity, i don’t always have to prove that, and im not trying to sastify him, i am stopping the spamming because i know that its rude.

someone make me a mod!

It’s not as easy as that you know, you need to be trusted, and be made for the job, besides theres no more room for more!

I like your sig Megatherium, although it’s making it impossible for me to take anything you say seriously!

With George Foreman and Play-Doh, it’s hard to take you seriously too, but you usually don’t say anything serious, so…

What? I like play-doh! XD


i demand that you take anything i say with the greatest of seriousnesses!

I never take anything seriously.

then what was the problem? :smiley:

btw, do you know any way to restore dried out play-doh to it’s original and ideal texture? it’s actually part of a problem i’ve had for years, and you just seem like the person to ask.

Yes I am the play-doh expert. Call on me any time you wish.
For your question:

Water:D add a little at a time.


Try wrapping the play-doh in a damp paper towel, returning to the container and replacing the cover. Let it sit overnight

o.O MY PRAYERES HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!!! not really…but still, now i know how to restore the play-doh goodness…

All hail Daz, Queen of the Play-Doh…