Final Fantasy VII: Remake

For those who haven’t seen it, the remake was shown at E3:

There’s also a forum topic about it from 2005. :anjou_wow:

I must admit that this remake looks quite impressive. And indeed the original was quite an achievement at the time; even if ultimately the industry went with Panzer Dragoon Saga’s full 3D environments and voice acting, the prerendered backgrounds mixed with FMV of FFVII were a good use of the PSX’s limitations to create an immersive story. I never finished the original at the time (the friend whom I borrowed it from lost some of the discs), so I’m currently playing through the PS4 version now and it holds up pretty well.

I just never could get into the story. It probably was the bad translation, but overall the story was all over the place. Maybe this remake will remedy that?

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The problem with this remake is it’s going to take 9 or 10 years to finish! Hell part 1 is just Midgar and that’s like 7 percent of the game!!


Yeah the story does seem a bit all over the place, especially as the protagonist keeps important details of his past from the audience until much further in. I guess you experience it for the characters and not-so-serious JRPG dialogue. There are a lot of dated aspects to the story that will need to change in the remake too.

I literally meant though, that all parts of the game are going to take 9 to 10 years to release.

I’d say we get a part or chapter every 2 years…We get part 1 in 2020 part 2 in 2023, part 3 in 2025, part 4 in 2027. And that’s not counting all the DLC and the inevitable complete version with all the chapters combined into one complete game!!

They could have just made the complete game after 9 or 10 years and release it on PS5 and PC, then make a bunch of DLC for the future. It’s going to be a mess we’ll most likely get two chapters or two parts on PS4 then the rest will be on PS5!! So, should fans wait? But you know they can’t!!! If the game is 4 parts with 2 cds each, that’s 8 discs!!

It’s ridiculous and just a way for Square Enix to make money and leach off of the fans. After having like 3 or 4 parts or chapters, the complete version will come out. I can see it now. And I’ll have all versions, since I’m a fan…:anjou_sigh:

I can totally wait. I’d rather do that than risk starting buying it on PS4 and then have to get a PS5 to continue it.

Not a fan of episodic content either. Always better off waiting for the complete collection that is sure to come out years from now for cheap, be playable on one system, and not risk having it go unfinished.

You’re going to be waiting almost a decade…

I’m not sure that I agree about the need to wait until all parts are released. We already have the original which contains the ending; this is an adaptation of that work. Is The Golden Compass film not worth seeing because the other parts will never be released?

I honestly wish I didn’t see the Golden Compass as I didn’t get to see the resolution. I also hate that Half Life wasn’t finished. I have avoided reading Game of Thrones as the series isn’t finished. That’s just my personality. I really like some closure to my stories. PDS had just enough of an ending to not turn me off. So yes, I would rather wait for the entire story is available.

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I’m the same. I swore to myself I would never play Shenmue again until Shenmue III was announced, because stories with no ending are barely stories at all (remember all good stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end!). I’ve only played Half Life 2 once so I would be prepared to play it again but then that’ll probably be it until Half Life 3. I’ve been turned off Firefly because I didn’t think they finished it although I’m told Serenity ties up everything major?

@Shadow Yes, Serenity does give closure to a major plot thread. So I would say its safe to watch the series in conjunction with the movie. But, be warned, in the end, Serenity will leave a rather bad taste in your mouth.

I rather liked Firefly. It felt fresh, charming and the cast had a lot of good chemistry. Wish it went on for more than one season though. At least we had closure with the movie. Can’t say the same for Stargate Universe…

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Yeah Firefly + Serenity works well as a stand-alone story. There’s various comics and spin off novels but they’re not required to understand the show.

Regarding FFVII: Remake’s length, it’s possible that the other parts won’t be as stretched out. It could be a deliberate decision to extend Midgar given how prominent of a location it is. If I recall correctly Midgar encompassed 1/3 CDs on PlayStation 1; perhaps this is planned as a trilogy?