FIFA World Cup 2006

We’ve had an influx of new users since the last major football tournament, so who here is actually interested in the World Cup?

Go Trinidad and Tobago! :anjou_happy:


Really? I wanted Scolari to be the next England coach. He seems to know how to beat us (Well, we should’ve beaten you in Euro 2004, but that’s a different story) so maybe he could fix what little flaws we have. Having said that, I’d still prefer Eriksson to stay on above anyone else. He is a legend.



In other words, hell yes.

One day… Mauritius will qualify =D

until then, i guess i’m a neutral. However i support all the Manchester United players =D
So as long as they do well, i’m happy =)

My tip to win? I reckon Germany, or maybe Brazil again.

Teh predictionz!:

Yeah, so bored.

Personally I don’t know why but I think this might be Holland’s year…or maybe Germany’s…

Yeah I’ve watched the England games. They’ve played pretty bad but they are capable of getting quite far in the tournament.

Shadow I’m hurt that you placed Australia at the bottom of their group. Theyre better than that or did you forget when the Socceroos beat England 3 - 0?

It’s pretty exciting for Aussie football right now, we smashed Japan and did well against Brazil. There’s a quiet confidence we can do well against Craotia and qualify, helped by the fact that Croatia are pretty rubbish at the moment.

Go the green and gold!

I’m not a fan of the sport, but this looks kind of interesting. It’s a Firefox extension that keeps track of the latest scores, and what not, for the World Cup.

i don’t like it that much…
but talking of joga, i got the the finals of the joga3 tourney :slight_smile:
got knocked out by our friends tho… who went on to win it!
now they going to brazil…

Well, my team got through to the second round. Up against Italy next.

Anyone else hear about the controversy regarding the refereeing in Australia v Croatia? 3 yellow cards issued to one player, blatant handballs missed and a blatant foul on Viduka ignored. Good chance Graham Poll will be sent home.

The USA coach said that Australia didn’t deserve to be in the world cup, I hope he enjoys his plane trip HOME after being KNOCKED OUT of the cup. Wanker.

Yeah, I watched the Croatia v Australia match. Definitely the best game of the tournament so far for me. The best moment was when the Aus keeper nearly put the ball into his own net from that cross. Gold. I’m hoping that Switzerland and South Korea can keep France from going through tonight. They really don’t deserve a place in the second round.

Yeah Kalac was a disaster. I expect Schwarzer to play the rest of the games in front of the goal, the Croatia matched proved he is deserves to be Australia’s no. 1 keeper.

I agree with you on France.

And Switzerland and South Korea do?Why?

That’s just your english heart talking.

Ah, but I didn’t say Switzerland and South Korea deserved to go through, just that France didn’t!

…But yeah, Switzerland and South Korea DID deserve to go through because they’d played attractive, positive football, whereas Viera and co were flat. They picked it up against Togo but if they beat Spain there is no justice in this world.

If playing attractive mattered Greece wouldn’t have won the European cup.

Is Spain lose agehnst France then they don’t deserve to pass.

Of course the word “deserve” is very tricky as far as world cups go.

I want to see Ghana continue to do well. Their warpath against the Czechs really impressed me. I have my doubts that they can send Brazil packing, but I’m hoping for a good match either way.

Plus, I just like rooting for the underdogs.