Crazy rant shit

I’d just like to sum up my feelings about the recent spamming episode.

There is no doubt in my mind that YOU FAILED LIFE and YOU SUCCEED LIFE are retards of the highest degree, and were indeed warned about their behaviour by Geoffrey before they were banned. I don’t take kindly to such ignorant spamming and sheer twattishness, and so these particular people will not be welcomed to join this forums again by me… If any of you other people wish to welcome them then that’s fine, you go ahead.

As for you, Gehn, then right now I public apologise for suspecting you of having something to do with the two idiots. Though, I’m still not completely satisfied about the whole IP address thing, and will continue to watch carefully.

People, this isn’t a fucking chat room okay? This is a meeting place for PANZER DRAGOON FANS to come and meetup. The Seekers Stronghold is where we talk about the games, and this forum is where we get to know each other. It’s nice and all that people are trying to learn about the games, BUT PLEASE DO TRY TO LEARN ABOUT THE GAMES. Ask questions. Start conversation. Anything. Just don’t come onto this forum and this forum alone to chat bollocks.

Can you not see what a state this community is in right now? The levels of spam are high beyond belief, and last night’s charade was just the thing needed to set me off, I suppose. I’m not having a community I care about so much being degenerated into a free-for-all spamfest. Yes, okay, so you can say that I spam too, but honestly and truthfully I’ve done nothing comparitive to what’s been happening recently. The thing is, there isn’t any individuals to blame for this, it’s just the way the forum as gone as a whole. The lack of news on games can be to blame for this I suppose, but eh, what can we do?

And if any of you think this is me doing my mod bit then you’re very very wrong. If my words can gain extra worth by me shedding my mod status the gladly I will do it right now. I say all of this not as a mod, but as a member of the community and a Panzer Dragoon fan.

It needed to be said.


I’m just glad other ppl agree too now, sometime ago I used to kinda get attacked when I was saying things against spamming…So I just stopped doing it in public (though I mainly stopped because I wouldnt want the forums to fill with “plz dont spam” messages either heh…)
Anyway yeah, agreed, things really turned horrible lately…

Apology accepted.

Actually Im not really pissed with what happened.I take it lightly.It certainly is pointless but it didn’t affect me.

'Cept, all this stuff affects us all.

In a way yes.But it doens’t piss me off.

How come I feel hurt now?
… I know this was started by the two retards and you said no individual was to blame(I forgot their names… Succeed something and Fail something else), but why do I feel like it’s specifically targeting me as somebody who talks mindlessly… I know I do, but god…

If I was specifically in your mind Shadow, I’ll try to quit. Honestly…

When I said no individual was to blame, I meant it Amber =/ I just think we all kinda influence one another.

But I start a lot of crap, and I would like to apologize myself for even taking part in the post by YOU FAIL… Uh, YOU SUCCEED… Uh, those guys. (God, I can’t remember their names… Stupid, huh?) I don’t know who they are, but I shouldn’t have even replied to that post.

And I’m sorry for all the other spamming I probably done without noticing in the past. Really, I am!

Mmm, me too, actually.

Don’t feel like you’re to blame. You’re a member who can hold decent conversation ^^

You already know my thoughts on the subject Shadow. I’m with you on this.

You probably should have also mentioned that TWOTA is not a kindergarden, and if kids will be kids then I suggest that they fuck off, for I am no babysitter :slight_smile:


See, that’s just it. That post was totally pointless Rickles.

Ok. Sorry.

Blazing Rickles…Try to stay on topic and talk about what is going on. (Oh hell, I sound like Shadow now…) screams

Will do.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

You are welcome.