Azel MP3s

EDIT: I’ve moved this topic to the off topic forum, on request of one of the members here.

Several people have requested that I host the rare Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG Complete Album. So, like the Zwei OST, I’ll post about five tracks at a time. Here’s the first five:

What length of time is enough for each set of MP3s?

Cool, thanks Solo. (I didn’t request them myself, but I would’t say no. :))

A week maybe? Most regular members pop by the board at least weekly, and it’d make downloading a bit easier for people with slow connections.

Just outta curiosity, what tracks are on the complete album that aren’t on the memorial album?

On the Memorial Album there’s two extra tracks (one on each disc). They’re remixes of Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu, but they’re not overly rememberable. … _album.php

I’ve only got them in 128kbps format, but here’s what they sound like:

Oh, I have the memorial album, I was just wondering if the “complete” one has anything not on the memorial. Thanks though.

i think I will still buy it on CD tho. Any idea of the prices? doesn’t seem to sell them anymore…

this is actually the first time I heard the “remixes” and actually I think even I could have hade something better using music maker. this really is just itoh-san’s voice over a standard club beat track =(

Neither CD has “The Expected Enemy”, annoyingly.

It’s about time someone recorded the Expected Enemy version from PDS.After 3 years without playing PDS I don’t even know what different part you guys are talking about.


Neither CD has “The Expected Enemy”, annoyingly.[/quote]

Yeah, that bugged the crap outta me too. At least I finally have it now thanks to Solo putting up the PDZ soundtrack.

Here’s the next five tracks from the Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG Complete Album:

I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Expected Enemy track from the Zwei OST is the same as the one from Saga. Is this true? Like Gehn, I’ve never been able to tell the difference, so that could be why…

(I’ve just uploaded the Expected Enemy from Zwei again for convenience…
click here )

Side note: If you’ve never heard the Panzer Dragoon Saga soundtrack before, two of these tracks I’d consider classics. Both “A Premonition of War” and “Transformation 1” are especially good - they’re definately worth listening too.

“Interception” and “Atolm Dragon” are easily the best tracks in the game. In my opinion. I just like fast music.

Slow music fans might prefer the Uru Underground theme or, yes, “Premonition to War”.

Weird, I thought exactly the same thing. It always struck me as odd that the Tower music on Disc 4 was that much slower, less exciting track, especially as it was the final area in the game (and the Tower was alive and angry by that stage). (But I guess “Interception” is music themed around the Empire, anyway…)

Interception and Vision 1 are the best.Oh and of course…Paet. :anjou_happy:

I think Atolm Dragon is a favourite among most fans. That teaser intro to that game was so awesome.

I thought the Disc 4 Tower music “Overture to the Ending” was quite well suited. Unlike many other games or stories, Panzer Dragoon Saga didn’t so much end with a speculator or dramatic battle (Sestren was pretty easy actually), it was more about the mystery behind the events leading up to that encounter and what happened after. That’s good story telling in my opinion, there are too many stories that heavily focus on the final battle.

For fast paced tracks, I especially liked Atolm Dragon and Interception as well, and of course Mel Kava’s theme “Holy Chariot”.

Yeah, I guess that piece of music was made to convey some of the awe and wonder of the Tower and the ancient technology, rather than being up-tempo or clich?d; sort of like The Expected Enemy from Zwei, or at least a take on that kind of idea. I’ve just always thought it sounded a bit uninteresting somehow, so I guess it’s just not to my tastes. :anjou_disappointment:

But yeah, A Premonition of War (and also The Chaos Within the Silence) are excellent pieces of music that started the game off perfectly for me; I’ve always liked that echoing quality in The Chaos, as it seems to conjure up a wonderful feel for those mountain lakes in the valleys. (And isn’t A Premonition of War an instrumental take on Sona Mi Areru ec Sancitu?)

Yeah, I noticed that myself. After 3 years… 0_0;;

The next set of MP3s are now up; tracks 11 to 15.

Thanks solo :anjou_love:

cant wait till the rest are up :anjou_happy: