5-Word Stories

It had to be done sometime. Okay, I KNOW that this is a popular shit-spam-thing on Gamefaqs snickers , but I think it would help bring a little more fun and games around here. And I think we can handle it better than the GFaqs people do.

In light of recent spammy events, please don’t (of course) post continuously, and preferably not too frequently either. As a rule of thumb, try to have no more than 1 post in every five.

Oh, and another thing, PREFERABLY Panzer/TWotA related stories, plz.

For those of you who don’t know what this is, each person types 5 words to continue off of the previous person’s. I’ll start:

One day, Paet was walking

(before I contribute, I have to ask. TSE, why did you have to post this NOW? I mean, after all the spammers that came and went? It’s just asking for trouble. But nonetheless…)

towards his workshop and he

tripped on a small rock.

PS: This should be in The Holy District IMO

Paet came crashing to the

(It will be moved there if it gets too spammy.)

ground and he got up

and scratched his head before

(Arc, I noticed that you have +dinyctis of deviantART’s avatar =) )

a shadow filled the sunlight

and a dragon squashed him.

(Sorry, I’m feeling a bit mean. ^_-)

Edge said “I’m really sorry,…”

“…Lagi tripped over a cloud.”

(XD Nevey!)

Paet, crippled for life, said…

“It’s always the pink guy!”

So Edge punched him and

(I just wanted to make it to where somebody punched someone. :))

Paet violently woke up realising

that he forgot to do

his homework, which was late.

He said, "Thanks, Edge, for…

…the great inspiration!" Paet then…

Wrote a novel, which was…

entitled: “Twenty Dyne per Piece”.