Yukio Futatsugi's studio working on an announced project. EDIT: The Good Life



I did pledge for a PS4 copy. And in the meantime they added a 5$ discount in honor of Tokyo game show this week end. I could update my pledge with it so basically pledging for a PS4 copy is 34$ right now.
I guess this is acceptable. Just so you know, not sure how long the discount lasts.


I backed it as well (the PC version). While I support the project, the campaign has been live for over a month and they’re only at 16%, so it seems unlikely that they will meet the target $1,500,000 goal.


Yes it has not moved 1% in the last 3 days.

Not sure what they are doing wrong, but probably not enough media coverage. Also the fact they didn’t get it right first with the bundles didn’t help. There is little chance they will reach their target unless there is a radical in their communication and/or someone help them.

No idea what will happen, will it get cancelled, do they have a plan B ? And what does this mean for G-Rounding: do they need work now as a studio ?


Wow, even Yu Suzuki tweeted about their FIG campaign and it doesn’t seem to have had much impact since…


This looks weird enough for me to be interested in. I haven’t heard about this at all til I came across this page, not sure how far they’re reached for exposure.


I watched the teaser and read a bit about it and find it really interesting actually. The kind of game I’d love to play. I love England as a setting too.


They just announced two versions: cat & god versions.

From the Tweet conversation I had with Swery, his example is Pokemon Red & Blue on this ^^


They seem to have a strong determination. Not sure what their options are but the more they update about the game, characters and background, the more I want to see this game.

I can only hope this is successful. For both Swery & Futatsugi as I am sure they will learn more from making this game. And a potential new Panzer Dragoon can only benefit from more experience.
If they decided to team up on this, they have ideas, they need to materialize them.

If the game got cancelled, I doubt Futatsugi & Grounding would be ready now & have matured their ideas & thoughts on a Panzer Dragoon.
We probably also need to see how SEGA is going to act in the coming months, ShenMue & other old franchises…


From a recent Fig update:

Q:Sorry for the negativity, but do you have any plans if “A Good Life” doesn’t meet the funding requirement? I’ve pledged, by the way.

A. Right now, our goal is to make sure we have the strongest campaign possible, and reach as many people, and get as many backers as possible. If the campaign does end up not reaching its goal, I’m not going to give up on making The Good Life. I have some ideas, and although I may need a few nights of #drinKING, this project means a lot to me, and I am not going to let a roadbump stop me from sharing The Good Life. If we don’t hit goal, please don’t be disheartened, just stay tuned for more information.


Yea, this is unclear what their plans are.
But I guess they have some ?
They posted a video of Futatsugi, Swery and another guys of Rez, all 3 having a meeting


I have seen the stream they did last night, there was Swery & Futatsugi.

The audio was quite bad, and additionally, mostly only Japanese as we could fear. I know it’s not easy speaking another langage but the problem is if you want money to support your game with a crowdfunding campaign, there is a minimum you should be able to do. So maybe they should have included a member of the staff permanently translating, I don’t know, it just wasn’t satisfying for me…

They are roughly 33% of the campaign target. It seems Swery is planning to fund the game with private investors but he uses the Fig campaign as a proof of interest to push backers pledging the most.


Well its been a few days since the crowdfunding campaign for this game has ended. Bellow is a Game Informer article talking with Swery about his thoughts about what he believes went wrong and why it didn’t get the attention they wanted.


I don’t think the leak (I wasn’t even aware there was one) was any factor in its failure. On the other hand, he does seem to understand that the confused messaging was a problem. The way they continued to promote the game despite knowing it would fail was a good move, as they got to 45% near the end despite being stuck at around 20% for quite some time. I imagine their Kickstarter will have a good chance of meeting the goal this time around.


This is 90% off on GOG at the moment; I might give it a try if I have some spare time in the weekend.


You gotta have someone who understands the dynamics of marketing/crowdfunding to make these things happen. Like Eliot mentioned…not having english…or a translation in a shared video…well it’s kinda suicide in my opinion. You gotta INCLUDE the pledgers/fans. That’s the whole point of crowdfunding…it’s a collaborative effort between the end user and the creator.

You also need to make sure enough people are even getting a whiff of the game…if I hadn’t come to PDLegacy I would have never heard of this. Even when I read the page…I remember asking …why would anyone who doesn’t know these guys want this? That kind of question needs to be answered…whether it’s because it has the backing of the news sites…the creator is really well respected…or something else.

But this all gods work at play. God is tasking with Yukio with developing a new PD game…so he had to be relieved of his other project to make way :slight_smile:


So this is re launching on Kickstarter in March.
Lessons learnt should help improve the communication around this project.

I’m hoping working on a RPG gives Futatsugi some great idea for Panzer Dragoon Saga remake next, and the will to do it.


Don’t forget to support this new version of the campaign (by May 5th) if you want the game to be made.


7 days left.
They hit roughly 60% of target.
Not sure they will make it, maybe or maybe not. Sometimes there is an acceleration in the last few days.

I already pledged to support the game since Futatsugi is involved. The game seems fun, even though I am not totally convinced. I mainly do this so that Futatsugi’s focus on a RPG game (has he done one since SAGA ?) would potentially give him more ideas for the genre in the future…

But I am very surprised by some of the decisions they make.
They show a prototype of the game running on Switch yet they say they cannot commit to making it on Switch.
They need to hit target first.
Well I am not surprised some potential players comment that they would buy a Switch version.

If Futatsugi had not been involved, I wouldn’t have backed the game. Except if the game had been announced for the Switch from the start.
I mean the PS4 & PC are cool no doubt but these platforms are already filled with so many games. They won’t get noticed. They are struggling to fund it right now.
I boot my PS4 or PC for big games. And I know a lot of people do. The Switch has an indie hype train going right now. It’s a shame they didn’t understand that…

I am sure things would have been different if a Switch tier had been available for backers from the beginning… the campaign would have been noticed much more.

I wish them good luck but I am not sure they are doing things right, even with a second chance…


Kickstarter campaigns usually pick up speed on the last few days. Elite Dangerous was trailing behind the goal until the last couple of days, when a large influx of backers suddenly appeared and successfully helped the project reach the goal.


It could be that they’re being cautious about optimising the game for the Switch. The Good Life isn’t the most graphically intensive game, but it is using Unity which can be quite hardware intensive for 3D games. Also, potential issues with developing in Unity for the Switch, e.g.:

It’s also a lot easier to start with supporting a minimal number configurations and then expanding the range of hardware later. Starting with a minimum viable product, then expanding, prevents the initial scope of the project from becoming too big.

There’s a prototype out for PC now (which I haven’t tried) by the way.