Yu Suzuki 's new Space Harrier-like game

featuring the music of not-Queen

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It looks alright, but it sucks that it seems to be Apple arcade exclusive. I have an Android, so I won’t be playing it. Hope it does good so we can see a possible Shenmue IV in the future though.

This does remind a bit of Panzer Dragoon, although more Space Harrier.

I can understand the frustration about it being an Apple Arcade exclusive, although you should be able to play it on a range of Apple ecosystem devices, such as iPads and Macs, not just iPhones.

It looks pretty damn awesome! Very creative and unique. Definitely giving me Panzer Dragoon vibes! But why can’t it come out on more than one platform? I can’t stand when shit like this happens! Hironobu Sakaguchi did the same thing with his game Fantasian, a game that also looked unique and one I wanted to play. And it was also only available on Apple TV as well!

Looks like a cheap Mobile phone game. But given its from Yu ‘GOD’ Suzuki. I love to try it

Having worked with Apple Arcade before, they are probably paying for most of game, to be exclusive.

I mean some games get ome funding to be on platform, but they are paying more and more for exclusives

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