Sword of Vermilion

Fun fact. Did you know Yu Suzuki also made an rpg on the Genesis? It’s called Sword of Vermilion:

ha played that back in the day… I rented the cartridge from a video store, and it had a 10 hour save, and I just decided to start from there . I never really did that before or after

Is this RPG worth going back and playing?

Not sure never played it. But it looks decent. The Genesis sound chip sounds good for Sonic games, but I never liked the way rpg music sounded…

after I played it didn’t feel that memorable, positive or negative

I was a big Phantasy Star player at the time (master system and genesis) , and Sword of Vermillion really wasnt in that league

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I didn’t think much of it at the time

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I had fun with it back in the day. It left some impressions on me, like reaching the final town only to find every citizen turned to stone. The final boss actually being apologetic and regretful of his actions. Boss battles were cool