Your Top 10 Greatest Anime Series

  1. The Vision of Escaflowne

This is my favorite anime series, the story the music the characters. I just thoroughly enjoyed it. It just has that certain feeling to it I like. It was nice to see how Hitomi, Van, Allen, and Folken developed as the story went on. Also, the fighting animations were fluid and very well done for it’s time. It’s always exciting to watch two mechs fight with swords! :anjou_happy:

  1. Last Exile

I discovered this while on anime news network a while back and went to the main site. It immediately pulled me in and I bought the entire box set. It was worth it! It reminded me of Skies of Arcadia. The animation was fluid and the story telling is top notch. Now that I think about it there is a bit of Panzer Dragoon in there as well. Excellent anime!

  1. Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

What can I say: this anime is hilarious and fun to watch. The story is deep while at the same time being completely loony! Arumi and Sasshi are constantly transported to different worlds, but it’s oh so much deeper than that!

  1. Gurren Lagann

I’m actually still watching this. You can see it every Monday on Sci-fi’s Ani-Monday’s. It airs at 11:00pm to 12:00am. The Story is nothing new, but the way in which it is told is masterful. A boy struggling underground, finally reaches the surface when a strange object comes crashing through the ceiling of his underground city. What lies above? Incredible adventures and serious story telling of two races struggling to survive and a looming prophecy of impending doom! Fun filled animation, story and likable characters from the very start. Also, good character development! It will remind you of Breath of Fire 5 in some respects, but 100 times better than that garbage.

  1. Full Metal Alchemist

I began watching this on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. I like it very much and am a fan. Ed and his brother Al’s struggle for the Philosophers stone was well told with plenty of Alchemy, action, and drama.

  1. Conan boy of the Future

An anime series by none other than the master himself: Hayao Miyazaki. This anime is really deep and charming. Showing us a taste of what Miyazaki would make in the future. I think it still holds out to this day as a wonderful tale of a boy and a girl struggling to survive amidst a world that has fallen apart and an evil villain hell bent on repeating the horrors of the past. It really shows you what a boy wouldn’t do for true love.

  1. Moribito

This is a part of Adult Swims new line-up. The animation is top notch. Although I haven’t seen it in English I have watched the entire series English sub. I must say another gem, with a great story about a prince and his female body guard. She struggles to protect him as a mysterious power lay hidden inside him. Give it a shot you wont be dissapointed! I wasn’t.

  1. Mushi-shi

All I can say is wow! This highly resembles something Hayao Miyazaki would have made, that is: if he made another anime series. What are Mushi-shi? Well they are another form of life neither plant nor animal but something else entirely. You follow the journey of a Mushi master as he travels the world. Each episode has a different enthralling tale to tell. You’ll always be captivated by what each episode throws at you next. Excellent story telling at it’s finest. Highly recommended!

  1. Samuri Champloo

Mugen, Jin and Fuu! An anime with style and a cool beat to it too! It’s set in fudal Japan but also feels modern. I can’t put it into words well enough. The story is fun, and the characters are unique. A search to find the samurai whom smells of sunflowers? Crazy action, hilarious dialogue. What more could you ask for?

  1. Blood +

This was also part of Adult Swim’s past line-up. I watched it until the very last episode not liking it at first. It quickly began to captivate me and made me want to learn more about Saya and Haji’s past. This was a great series and had a very well written thought provoking story. If you want to see character development this series sure isn’t laking it. Saya battles Chiropterans (vampires) as she struggles to remember her troubled past, grow as a person and deal with her future confrontation with her sister.

  1. The Snow Queen

Another series similar in story telling to that of Hayoa Miyazaki. I’ve been watching these as they’ve become fan subbed. … w%20Queen/

Each story is fairly charming in it’s own right. A young girl Gerda shows undeniable determination as she goes off on her own to search for her childhood friend Kay who has been spirited away by the Snow Queen.

Well, I hope you watch some of these gems of anime and I’d be happy to hear all of your top 10.

See the thing with me is: I hate anime series that go past 60 episodes. I’ve already given up on Bleach, and gave up on One Peice a long time ago. The stories just become monotonous and dull, solely existing and creating bull shit episodes to make money, a cash cow if you will. Another example would be Naruto but I’ll stop there. Anime that have short and sweet stories should only be about 26 episodes. That’s my rule of thumb. Up to 50 is alright but stretching it a little. What do you guys think?

Hopefully you guys can fill me in on some other gems that I may not be aware of. :anjou_happy:

Honorable mentions


Well a bit too long as far as my expected episode length, it was a good series though. I hated the ending, but oh well, the Manga wasn’t finished yet so I guess it’s acceptable. The music was excellent and the characters likable and charming.

Y’s Legacy

Yes I actually like the anime series.

Scrap Princess

I also really enjoyed this anime. It was captivating and kept you watching until the end. Good story is vital. Nothing lacking in that department.

Record of Lodoss Wars

A serious well done fantasy anime.

I guess I’ll stop here for now.

I don’t watch too much anime. Frankly I think a lot of the more popular animes are horribly overrated and much of shojo/girl animes are underrated. But here are some animes I think deserve their popularity.

Full Metal Alchemist. In my opinion, this is hands down the greatest anime ever created. Well, my favorite show of all time is Mysterious Cities of Gold, but it’s only part Japanese.

FLCL. Six episodes of awesome. Nuff said.

Paranoia Agent. Try to watch it without feeling the need to beat your brains in.

Astroboy. Pick any generation. 60s, 80s, or millennium. They’re all awesome.

Only 10? I dislike making lists like this because my opinions change with my mood. But I’ll list ten favorites that are not necessarily “THE 10 favorites”?

R.O.D. the TV is possibly my favorite. I’m a hardcore bibliophile in real life and can relate a lot to the reading obsession of the characters. In addition to that, the themes are intelligent, the action is fun, and the emotion is real and intense. I love it greatly.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is perhaps the absolute best series. Yeah, I know it is the standard “favorite anime” answer but deservingly so. Gainax at their best. The series is entirely brilliant and even though the creators claimed to use the Qaballistic symbolism as stylistic window dressing, there is deep mystical significance to much of it. The series pushes the boundries in so many ways. I think I’m in the minority but I adore The End of Evangelion. I haven’t seen any of the Rebuild stuff though.

Serial Experiments Lain - because the series influenced my thoughts hugely. But since this anime just recently had a thread about it maybe I should say Niea_7. Niea_7 is a light comedy by the same creators but with some thoughtful stuff peppering it. But a lot of the jokes are really cheap so it might not be everyone’s bag?

Escaflowne - this series has something for everyone. The combination of shonen/shojo is sublime.

Full Metal Alchemist - another contender for the title of “absolute best series”. Each episode is greatness. Although the movie was so-so.

Slayers - Slayers is an “old friend” sort of series I’m currently re-watching. Back in the day it was one of the few good anime shows to get distributed in the US. I consider myself “last old school otaku” (kind of like "world’s tallest miget?) and am proud of my Slayers fanishness. In addition to all three TV series, the movies, and OVAs (also Lost Universe if that counts?) I own an animation cel from the first series, the first light novel in Japanese, the first video game for Saturn, and some soundtracks.
I know Slayers Next is the most respectable part of the series but last time I watched them I found Slayers Try to be the best (the non-stop wackiness cracks me up).

Demon Lord Dante - the first non-ultra mainstream title on the list? This is based on the manga by Go Nagai which inspired Devil Man. But I certainly like this more than the Devil Man OVA? It has serial muders, Satanists, demons, incest themes, secret societies, monsters, and basically awesomeness everywhere.

Lucky Star - yeah it is a “nothing” series but I have great love for Konata. And I laugh lots with each episode.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar - a little shojo series for six-year olds? Maybe. But I had a profound emotional response to it. During many episodes I was at the verge of tears being all “NO SUGAR, YOU ARE RUINING THINGS” and then “OH NO SAGA, SUGAR MEANT WELL”. And their eyes are the size of freaking Jupiter. The cuteness overwhelms.

Since Record of Lodoss War got mentioned above I feel compelled to mention Legend of Crystania - deserves to be here because it is one of the first series I got into hardcore. I think the movie is pretty dull but the OVAs improve things and the last one is on par with the great mindfuck classics. But apparently I’m the only one who actually liked the series.

Oh and I thought I was a loser for liking A Little Snow Fairy Sugar as well. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a few episodes of Slayers and thought it to be quite good. Just haven’t gotten around to watching all of the series. And that’s a lot of episodes!

I’ve also seen FLC, but it was kind of a little too sporadic for me. Though it was something different and refreshing, but not one of my favorites. And the same people who made FLC made Gurren Lagann. A series I’m very fond of finding it to be simply awesome, full of adventure. I haven’t seen something like it in a long time. Not since Escaflowene… I might go so far as saying.

If you’re all into Hayao Miyazaki-like anime I have a recommendation. While not a series, it’s actually an exceptionally well done anime movie.

It’s called Origin. You might want to check it out if your board on some random afternoon. Look it up, watch it and I’m sure you’ll like it.

You do know you can download almost any anime series or movie over at right? Just an incredibly helpful hint!

Come on all you other anime lovers in these forums! Don’t hold back!

Keep 'em coming!

Actually let’s talk about any good anime movies you all may know of as well, like I just mentioned; aside from all the Hayao Miyazaki films.

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it: have any of you seen Orphan or Rune Soldier?

Orphan was good in my opinion and Rune Soldier was okay. The reason I say that is: Orphan had more crazy humor that Rune Soldier lacked. Overall, I think Orphan was a good series if not average compared to the other epics.

[quote=“dragoon lover”]I don’t watch too much anime. Frankly I think a lot of the more popular animes are horribly overrated and much of shojo/girl animes are underrated. But here are some animes I think deserve their popularity.

Full Metal Alchemist. In my opinion, this is hands down the greatest anime ever created. Well, my favorite show of all time is Mysterious Cities of Gold, but it’s only part Japanese.

FLCL. Six episodes of awesome. Nuff said.

Paranoia Agent. Try to watch it without feeling the need to beat your brains in.

Astroboy. Pick any generation. 60s, 80s, or millennium. They’re all awesome.[/quote]

Hmmm, Mysterious Cities of Gold sounds very interesting.


Hmmm, Mysterious Cities of Gold sounds very interesting.[/quote]

It was one of the most popular cartoons on Nickelodeon during the 80s. Back before Nick started sucking. But it was only half Japanese and half French, so I don’t count it as being anime. I think a complete DVD set should be set to be released sometime next year.

eermmm… pokemon series 1 (indigo league) Yu-gi_oh! season 1 (well- up to dungeon dice monsters)
umm dragonball z

yeah i know the stuff that came on TV =P

Would it not be better to allow this discussion to encompass all forms of Animation rather than just “Anime” alone?

I mean… I know Japanese cartoons have a generally distinctive visual style but I dunno why they should be singled out from “The rest” :anjou_happy:

Add Death Note to that list

[quote=“Chizzles”]Would it not be better to allow this discussion to encompass all forms of Animation rather than just “Anime” alone?

I mean… I know Japanese cartoons have a generally distinctive visual style but I dunno why they should be singled out from “The rest” :anjou_happy:[/quote]

Because all animation is a pretty gigantic umbrella. I mean, there is a pretty big difference between anime and the films of the Brothers Quay; they don’t really HAVE to be lumped together.
In addition to visual style, anime tends to have its own narriative style as well (seemingly evolved out of the history of kabuki and noh theater). Even “Americanime” like Avatar or Teen Titans are not exactly like things out of Japan (though they come pretty dang close). Even though it isn’t better or worse, it can be reasonably considered seperate.

Also I just noticed that Cowboy Bebop hasn’t been mentioned. How the blooming onion did THAT happen?

I agree, but I’d like to keep this discussion focused on anime. Anyone feel free to make another topic about any other genres of animation if you want. :anjou_happy:

I’ve been watching a fighting anime called Tenjou Tenge and it’s 1000x better than what Bleach could ever hope to be. It makes Bleach look like utter garbage and that is what I think it is. Ha!

The fights are long, intense, well animated and action packed! The best thing is: they don’t talk for half the damn episodes!

I gave up on Bleach because it annoyed me so much. You knew Ichigo was just going to get stronger and beat every opponent he faced blah blah blah. And worst of all they talked so damn much every episode and by time they started fighting the episode was already over. Anyone agree?

I’m afraid I haven’t watched that many anime but here’s my list regardless. though. Absolute favorites in bold.

Kino no Tabi

Hajimo no Ippo
Great Teacher Onizuka
Rurouni Kenshin
Tekkon Kinkreet (movie)
Mononoke (from what little I have seen. Not to be confused with Princess Mononoke)

I find it very hard to find good anime out there. They are either “too cheesy” or “with interesting concepts but a bit on the boring side” (I’m looking at you, Last Exile and Seirei no Moribito). In all fairness when it comes to anime I have small attention span. I’m either immediately hooked or I have a tough time digesting stuff.

I’ve only watched Princess Mononoke, it was pretty cool. Then the odd tv episode of “in” anime shows like the super cute Card Captor Sakura, even if it’s embarassing to say. A bit of G-Force back in the day and also Plawres Sanshiro which was awesome at the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Typoed Sanshiro.

Which I think are very good:

Now and then, here and there
Haibane Renmei

Also allright:

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Vision of Escaflowne

Nice anime movies: Paprika, The girl who leaped through time, Millenium actress, Naausica valley of the wind, Totoro, Castle in the sky.

Has anyone noticed that some of the “HD” broadcasts of Anime in Japan are clearly just upscaled from standard definition, or at the very least, sourced from some bizarre non-standard high definition composite format?

K-On! even has dot-drawl on it… meaning the HD broadcast was sourced from composite video… wtf

You may also notice that Street Fighter II The Animated Movie on DVD suffers from this issue…

It also seems to be present on The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi…

Very strange! To say the least!

You’d think by 2009 they would be using digital masters for HD broadcasting, but my guess is they are actually using Betacam, or something similar.

I’m watching Full Metal Panic at the moment. It’s very good. Although I can’t help but feel that the animators/writers behind this show are deeply perverted! Japanese school girls with impossibly perfect bodies are seen flashing their enormous boobs, bums and panties every opportunity they get. The flesh is everywhere! The more I watch, the harder I’m finding it not to respond. I think I should stop watching this stuff before I lose control.