Your sig and why it is what it is. What is it?

Mine’s is a compilation of quotes from the new Warhammer 40k rulebook.

Interesting quote.

Mine doesn’t really need an explanation…

Quoted from Cyan from Final Fantasy 6, after the world fall.
He is probably one of my favorite characters from the series.

it’s the opening rhyme to one of many raps that i’ve written for this rap group that me and my friends made up. the idea for this particular persona (the interstellactic prominent hominids) is that we’re these aliens that come to earth to rap about how we are superior to humans. the rest of the plot has an earth girls are easy feel to it.

here’s the first verse:

Interstellactic Prominent Hominids
here to bust a rhyme so bust out the trauma kits.
Prepare yourself for a life changing event.
All you wack emcees know it’s time to repent
cause we three have come to elevate the human race.
Just try to pay attention, just try to keep pace.
You poor little humans, when will you realize?
Evolving away what belongs behind your eyes.
Liberating minds from K-12 slavers
the opposition meets the business end of my laser.
Three of us against six billion of your kind
we know it’s not fair, we hope you don’t mind.
Put down the pen, put down the pencil,
put down your ego, put down the stencil.
It’s time to learn, so forget what you’ve been taught.
We’ll tie you down, strap you in, and force feed you food for thought.

i’ve written more serious and also less serious raps than this.

mine is just a quote i found while browsing one day, which made me laugh cos i think Shadow took the comment seriously XD

I’m not sure where my quote is from but it’s good :slight_smile:
And the rest of it is obviously website pimping…
(though don’t click on it now that you read this, ok? I haven’t updated in a while so it looks like it doesn’t keep up to date but it does most all the time, I’m just taking a few days off… I’ll update it tommorow again - or rather later today seeing the time)

mine is based on a true story.

Whenever I tell people that some developers don’t make games just to make piles of money, they never believe me. They won’t believe me personally, but they’ll believe the words of actual developers, so I find quotes like the one in my signature to drive my point home.

I quite like “Arzach”. Its more original than… mine…
And geoff i love that quote, Bizarre Creations holds a place within me after playing Metropolis Street Racer

I don’t think many developers make games purely for money, but money doesn’t hurt, you know. :wink:

My own sig is the opening stanza of A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin. It’s from a longer saga, The Creation of ?a, that exists within the context of the book itself.

Mine’s from the Father Ted episode Tentacles of Doom. Father Jack learns some new words…

Mine’s the Truth. It’s obvious.

I have a friend who is trying to become an author alongside me and my sig is a quote from a character in a story she has written that she has yet to name. (Either that, or it is called “Untitled 4”) I don’t know why, but I liked the quote. I just… Did…

I think it’s the truth, and I’ll leave it at that.