Your oldest accounts on the internet

I’ve just noticed that my GameFAQs account turned 10 years old on June 16th. I was curious to see how old my first account on the tubes (Yahoo) was, and discovered I created it on September 27th, 1999. What about you guys? Any ancient fossils in your cookies?

Wow, that’s old. I didn’t get the net until '99, and those early accounts (started with Hotmail, I think) are all gone. I have a Yahoo! account dating back to 18/06/2000.

I registered for my account on the 3D Realms forums on December 31, 2000. I don’t post much, but it’s still there.

my official SA2 BBS account was created in 2001, thats the only one thats alive! It has an ID of 000999, called NiGHTS…

my oldest account still active would be my account (early 2004). second to that is my IGN and Gmail Account (late 2004) and after that would be here! all my track record is with CNCNZ before they changed to the newer forums hence the 2004, but i had been around for a lot longer.

I 1st got the Internet when Fighters Megamix was about to ship , but that was very brief, been on the Internet full time since April 1999 and still with Yahoo after all these years :slight_smile: Yahoo and ICQ chat would be my oldest accounts still usable on-line.

I do so miss the days of SEGA technical Pages , VGI fourms, and Sega Web

Gamefaqs as well (my very first account was banned, but the other 2-3 are still there). Also I probably have yahoo accounts too since I used to use geocities for quick file hosting, mainly image hotlinking.

My Gamefaqs profile has an absolutely retarded amount of karma on it, but every other forum I joined at the same time has since closed (included Die Welt, may it rest in peace).

Today my Yahoo account is 20 years old! :anjou_love:

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The AOL account I’ve had since I was a kid is very old. I think I was like 12 when we first got the internet and my dad decided to go with AOL. I think it was like 1997? I don’t really use it much now, but I log into it every once in a while because my dad still sends me stuff on it.