You All Probably Hate Me By Now

I have no idea who has come and gone. No clue who cares anymore. I can’t figure out what’s going on. I am confused.

To anyone who has managed to remember me, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much or barely at all. Things happen… Like my boss is breaking labor laws to keep me going six days a week to midnight at a gas station. And if I get on the computer at work on my break (even though everybody else does it all the frickin’ time!), they throw a hissy.

I was just wanting to know if anyone even cares. If not, maybe I won’t feel as guilty for leaving my adopted on-line family in the dark about what happened to me while I try to save the last remnants of my paychecks for a computer that actually works…

God, I hate minimum wage.

First, in deference to your already confused state you should know that there is no reason at all for you to know who I am.

Second, I do indeed hate you.

Third, the previous statement was a lie, I don’t know you.

Fourth, the previous statement was also sort of a lie since I sort of know you by now.

Fifth, the previous statement isn’t strictly the truth since I really don’t know you, obviously.

Sixth, to clarify the previous statement I’ve been reading tons of Seekers’ Stronghold backlog so I kinda have the advantage on everyone now.* Yeees… EXCELLENT!*

Seventh, you probably hate ME now, but welcome back anyway. Minimum wage does indeed suck. Good luck and god speed… or something. :anjou_happy:

I don’t know you either, but that can change! :slight_smile: Sounds like you’re having a very crappy time of it at the moment so it’s totally understandable that you aren’t on the net much - retreating to message boards doesn’t solve many real world problems in the end. Chin up chuck!

I remember you Orta, and don’t worry, I don’t hate you at all.

Welcome back.

well to be honest i’m not too keen on people that say "you all hate me"
but oh well

welcome back

I don’t hate you, AND I remember you! That’s 2 in 1 ^^. I havn’t been posting much lately either, but I’m not about to leave the forums. I just dont’ have the time during school, but those crazy summers… I’ll be damned if not one person here thought I was mauled by a bear lol

Actually i thought you were a mauled by a cougar, but close enough.

Welcome back Orta, I have no hatred toward you.

I have no hatred to you although I am hardly a major member by any means heh.

Anyway welcome back, shame about the jobs but hey doubt it will be like that for ever just grin and bear it for the time being

Yeah, why is there any reason to hate you! Welcome back…

Sounds like me a while back…