I know you’re getting sick of me posting about the Gamefaqs competition. :smiley: But I just had to get this off my chest. There is absolutely no Legend of Zelda left standing. Super Mario Bros 3(a great game, but still no match for Zelda) overtook the original. Chrono Trigger overtook A Link to the Past(easily the best Zelda ever). And Final Fantasy 7 overtook Ocarina of Time(eek!) A well. C’est la vie.

I do admit that Chrono Trigger is a excellent game. I have played Link to the Past as well.
I just found the reply value of Chrono Trigger much better, to me anyways, it really is a good game.

Don’t forget Starcraft’s beating of Wind Waker =P

… Final Fantasy 7? Beat something?

Can’t let Tika find out… Must keep her off the site until this thread is forgotten…

A shame really. I am finally playing through A Link To The Past and it’s a great game for it’s time. Might actually buy Wind Waker now.

I lost all interest in the contest when Starcraft lost yesterday.