I got BBBBBBBBBBBBC in my exams… Thats 12 Grade B’s and one grade C
(GCSE’s that is)

bit late arn’t you??
shouldn’t you be concerned with your A levels now?
unless of course these are your mock results, but i doubt it cos marks wouldn’t be given so quickly =S

this confuses me
anyways congrats on the good results =)
For my GCSE’s i got A* A A A B B B B B C C

They have to be mocks…GCSEs aren’t usually taken till between April and May…

Well I got A* A* A A B B B B C C C

That was almost a year ago now…ah got my AS level exams soon 0.0

EDIT: whoa, sorry, didn’t notice the latness of it all. Presume it’s due to the downness of the whole place recently.

Yes it’s late, but I hadn’t told anyone!

Thanks by the way… :anjou_sad: