Although my PC still obstinately and obdurately refuses to be repaired (I’m still languishing on a library computer :frowning: ), I haven’t been wholly shorn away from the blessed and majestic world of computers because shortly before my PC imploded I took delivery of a new Saturn, to replace my old brave warrior which finally gave up the ghost after a decade of dedicated and commended service and even survived having my brother pour vaseline into its CD reader… Plays The last Post :’(

In the interim, therefore, my old Saturn games have been enjoying quite an intensive revival, and none more so than those shoot-'em-ups par excellence, one of the many great triumphs of AM2 that is the Virtua Cop series, which has now sustained a fair amount of punishment in my CD Drive. :slight_smile:

Whilst I was mercilessly and ruthlessly deluging vile and incontrovertible polygon perpetrators with the infra-red rounds of Justice and Liberty, however, I rediscovered a great way to enliven both Virtua Cop - and indeed, House of the Dead and Confidential Mission as well - with what I affectionately dub the…

[size=100]COWBOY MODE![/size]

Hence the thread title. :wink:

‘Cowboy Mode’ is a one-player variant for Sega shoot-'em-ups (Of course, the split-screen nature of Namco’s Time Crisis II and III renders it unsuitable). It is quite simple to engage, but I find that it gives shoot-'em-ups a brilliant and marvellous new lease of life once you’ve mastered all of the attack patterns and are seeking something new. To play it, follow these instructions.

**-Plug two light guns into your Saturn or Dreamcast.

-Start up the game as normal.

-If you’ve got a friend, banish him to the other side of the room so he can spectate at your
P|-|34r5()//\e 4ki^^8] 5ki11z.

-Select a standard two player option. However, instead of giving the second gun to your companion… wield it yourself.**

It’s a simple idea, but trust me in that it’s immense fun. ‘Cowboy Mode’ adds a whole new layer of challenge - you’ve got twice as much to concentrate on - and you can start instroducing new objectives for yourself, such as shooting enemies alternately with each gun, or trying to inflict double the obliteration with a simulateneous three-point shot! You’ll soon start cackling like a maniac when you begin firing from the hip like John Wayne, shooting with guns horizontal as in gangster films, or shuffling about the room in slow-motion as you pretend to be in the Government Lobby from The Matrix.

Give it a whirl… it’s brilliant! ;D

Yeah Ive been playing “cowboy” for the past few months ever since I got a second gun. Tis mucho fun

“Fearsome akimbo skills” for those not into l33t sp34k…

Yeah, it’s fun but would you want to try it at an arcade? So many credits… 0.0