XBox 360's design … -Revealed/

What do you guys think about the new design?I’m glad they choose a a controller similar to controllers S for the new console.

Yeah, the controller looks comfortable from the angle in the picture, although I hear that Microsoft have replaced the analog triggers with Playstation style ones which would be a huge mistake IMO… analog triggers rule! Hopefully this is nothing more than rumour, but it’s looking likely considering that the black and white buttons have been removed (possibly to be replaced with L2 and R2 triggers like on the PS1 and 2 controllers).

The console itself doesn’t have a very nice design in my eyes, although what the console looks like won’t affect gameplay so it doesn’t worry me. Whether I end up getting one will depend on what software comes out on it… and it’ll take more than just Halo 3 to convince me.

Who’s planning to buy one of these on launch day? Some analysts seem to think that the next generation won’t begin until the Playstation 3 arrives, which dare I say, is nonsense skewed by immature naysayers clinging to the dying Sony brand (even some adults haven’t outgrown brand loyalty yet). Many developers are terrified of moving onto greener pastures because not only will the costs of developing games rise, but many consumers are still satisfied with the quality of visuals we see today (in games such as Silent Hill 4 etc.). Tough luck: the industry will move forward… with or without them.

How much is Sony in debt now? 61-70 billion dollars? Maybe that will teach Sony to build a more cost-effective yet durable developer-friendly console next time.

Unless we see a new Panzer Dragoon RPG or a true Shining Force game on one of the next generation consoles, I have almost zero interest in any of them believe it or not. I almost can’t believe how jaded I am. Still, I hope Microsoft levels the playing field during the next generation.

If it’s the same as me, GD, it’s just age kicking in. Vid games? Ha, we have more important things.

Kinda sad really…

I know what you mean. Although I always was and always will be a gamer, I’m starting to think that I have better things to do with my spare time.

The industry catering almost exclusively to casual gamers in recent years hasn’t helped matters either.

I like the new console design, even though it might still be a little large for my taste. The controller looks good, and should offer a good transition from the current Xbox S-Controller.

I really want to see what price tage they will slap on this thing. $300 seems reasonable right now, but what if one wanted to get the 40 gig HD? Whould that bump the price up around $500? It seems with all this technology such as the 3 processors, wireless controllers, removable hard drive, the price will be ludicrously high. They better have some awesome games lined up if I am going to invest in this.

I believe the controllers still have analog triggers, but don’t quote me on that. I’m only going on hearsay.

As for being jaded, perhaps maybe your interests are simply changing? I personally simply find it difficult to have time to sit through 40 hour RPGs and such, and therefore hardly play them anymore. There has got to be a way to create a shorter, equally satisfying gaming experience (i.e. Ico).

Yeah it’s still as the analog triggers with just the Black and White button just above them (from a pic I’ve seen). The console it’s self looks great too, not bad at all for a American styled console

I’m getting one at launch, and with any luck this with SEGA’s new Arcade hardware will mark the fightback from SEGA, well I can but hope.

I agree about the points about being a bit jaded. Some game are far too long for thier own good. In the end I was gald to finish Skies of Arcadia it went on for so long.

Games like Lunar, Saga, ICO, Riddick, Beyond Good, Oddworld Stanger and Evil show you don’t need hrs, and hrs of gameplay to be a ‘AAA’ game.

I like how both the controllers and system look. I might get one on launch or wait a little until the games I would like come out for it if there aren’t any titles I want. I really don’t see the need for making all the controllers wireless, though it is a nice feature, but won’t that jack up the price of controllers from $30 to something about $40 or $50? And, this is a promise, I will kill J. Allard (that’s how his name is spelled right?) if he got rid of the triggers. Also, no matter how much the cost (if the rumor of seperate editions are true), If I get one, I’m getting one with a hard drive.

I’m glad if those are the actual pictures of it, I remember seeing pictures of a model that some one apparently made or photoshopped of the FS, which I think was a horrid design. How could anyone take that seriously? I mean, FS stood for Fuck Sony and was a joke slide.

Apparently the only playable title that was unveiled during the MTV taping event last thursday was Perfect Dark Zero, which is rumored to a launch title.

Don’t despair guys. Every so often a real gem comes out on a console. Sometimes it’s just a really good sequel to a series, but there’s always going to be developers who dare to create something fresh, or move the gameplay of an existing genre to the next level (Half-Life 2, Knights of the Old Republic, etc). Although we’re bound to see plenty of generic first person shooters and racing games on the next generation of consoles/PCs, there’s bound to some games that will impress you in ways other than simply having better graphics, even if less of those games are made as games become more expensive to develop.

But I’m not so sure about the Xbox 360, for now. For those of you are planning on getting one at launch… why? Why do you want to get the Xbox 360 in terms of software, and why not wait and see what the Revolution/Playstation 3/New PCs have to offer before making that purchase? The new Xbox’s hardware sounds very impressive, but that alone isn’t going to mean much if the system doesn’t have a good lineup of games in development (especially exclusive games).

Yea, but when it nears its launch, then we’ll know about the games coming out for it then. And yea, I might get a PS3 instead or both sooner or later. But Revolution is out for me, I’ve hated everything nintendo has put out since the SNES withe the exclusion of the gameboys, which went to hell when the DS came out (okay, I do like wario ware touched…). So I doubt that Nintendo will make something that interests me. For comps, not too many computer games catch my eye for some reason.

I’m looking forward to play a lot of games actually.Not necesserilly next-gen.Unreleased tho.

Myst V : End of Ages is obvious.Latus - Cyan Worlds’ new project too (the first Myst unrelated game from them for quite sometime.12 years to be precise) .

Silicon Knights are said to be making more than one game for the nextgen consoles using the Unreal Engine 3.Cheers.

The next Tomb Raider got my attention for a variety of reasons the biggest of which beeing CD are the ones in charge.

etc etc…

[quote=“Abadd”]I believe the controllers still have analog triggers, but don’t quote me on that. I’m only going on hearsay.

As for being jaded, perhaps maybe your interests are simply changing? I personally simply find it difficult to have time to sit through 40 hour RPGs and such, and therefore hardly play them anymore. There has got to be a way to create a shorter, equally satisfying gaming experience (i.e. Ico).[/quote]

I agree. But PDS is so much more superior than ICO in every way…and, I’m one of the rare few who found PDS’s length to be perfect, considering the story was very fast paced, and never gave you a break. That’s the way games, especially RPGs, should be but, unfortunately, aren’t.

I’m hoping that the next installment of the Panzer Dragoon franchise follows PDS’s example to the letter, and then some.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Has Oblivion been confirmed for Xbox 2 (I refuse to called it Xbox “360” shudder)? Last I heard it was bound for the PC, with only the possibility of a console release… of course, if it is confirmed, walls of searing flame will not get between me and it. :anjou_love:

The last I heard, it was going to come out for Xbox 360, PC, and PS3. But knowing you, you’ll be getting a 360 for Halo 3 anyway, am I right? :anjou_happy:

I’ve found it difficult to be enthusiastic about some recent releases, but I’m still keeping my eye on one or two titles still in development.

The standard of graphics we can expect to see from next generation games should be amazing. It should a great, if a little costly, era for gaming even if all we see are branded clones of popular games and generic rehashed sequels. At least Sega plans to set up a few new franchises. … Announced/

Naturally. =) And Halo 3 may as well have been officially announced, apparently. I’ve yet to see the article myself though. Can’t wait to watch the Xbox 360 MTV thing tonight at 8…