Is it December 5th already?


methinks your calender pages are stuck together

This is off topic, and irrelevant. Any more threads like this on any forum will be deleted.

I was just informed that this topic was refering to a typo on the latest update of this site, where I typed the date as December rather than November, so my apologies for locking the topic. However it would help if there was some sort of explanation for topics like this in the future to avoid stuff like this happening again :anjou_happy:

Lol. I wrote a date backwards once if it’s any comfort. >:)

hahaha we all got pwned

I’m shocked you all laugh at such a serious matter.

Hay guys. How’s it going? :anjou_happy:

Still suffering from not buying Christmas Nights for 99p all those years ago…damn my trust in my dads opinions =P