Wow I'm impressed … 338&page=1

Sorry to posta a link to another forum but it’s so much easier this way.Look at that.Camera changing?

I’m gonna buy this game in a week or so and I’m happy to see the prospects of it’s downloadble content.

I thought you didn’t like the game when everyone was recommending it to you sometime ago >_>
This content isn’t making it a new game or anything, it’s the same but a little bit improved, the core of it is still the same exact game… If a review was written about this new version without taking in account that there’s an older version of the game as well, it would propably be identical to reviews of the unupgraded version except that it would mention you can control the camera…
Anyway, have fun with it :slight_smile:

I dind’t say I dind’t like it.I only tought it’s story to be unoriginal and it’s style clich?.Still after so much praise from so many people it has at least to be fun so I’m giving in.

And a game with a new camera is sure to be different…