Windows 98

Who here uses it? Would you recommend it? (And for those of you with the experience of both) Would you recommend it over ME?

I’ve used ME a little, and 98 a lot. There isn’t much difference between the two as far as I can see, although 98 is meant to be less buggy and better for gaming. ME has more features and gimmicks though.

ME is really just Windows 98 with a few differences. When Microsoft released Windows 2000 they found that it couldn’t run a lot of games that ran on 98, so ME was quickly rushed into the stores for the home market.

I use it on my middle-aged computers (Pentium-Pentium 3). It’s pretty good.

You should probably just spend $600 and get a new computer from Dell or if you want to be cheap and nerdy, build your own.

ME is just another word for “blue screen”.

98 is in word “easy”.

98SE is meant to be one of MS’s best OS’s
ME is meant to have loads of bugs and stuff. I would say get 98 unless you really need the other small features like right click open with, etc

I had 98SE before I upgraded to XP.

I loved the way I got the infamous “You have performed an illegal operation…etc” error message every time I opened or closed a program.

I loved the way it froze 100+ times a day.

And I loved the way it never bleedin’ shut down, prompting me to flick the switch at the mains :confused:

Can you feel the love?

Thank Christ for Windows XP.

If you enjoy frustration, then yeah, I’d recommend it.

lol sure your comp wasn’t infest with junk, spyware, viruses, adware etc? lol

Xp has it’s advantages, but in my opinion 98 does eem to be easier to use…

Hmm I don’t think so, I’ve had problems with 98SE since day one tbh :confused:

XP for me is very stable. I’ve been using it for nearly 2 years now and I never get any error messages, it always shuts down when I want it to and it’s only froze on me twice.

My only complaint is the incompatibilty issues that arise when trying to run older games, however this can usually be sorted by using compatibility mode.

Also, I don’t think there’s much difference in ease of use between both operating systems as I felt instantly familiar with XP after I installed it for the first time. The interface is a lot prettier too :slight_smile:

.> Yes Xp does seem to be alot better now that you tell me all of that, i smugled Xp from my dell computer Cd onto a lap top, an old Sattilite pro Toshiba one, it told me to activate it and i guess that they are not stupid…Xp is alot smarter…

can’t be that smart if i’m using it XD

I hate XP.
My computer runs '98 and I have never had any problems with it in the 2 years that I’ve had it.
Yet my Dad’s computer runs XP and is continually freezing and breaking down.

you need a good comp for XP to run smoothly

intel pentium 4 processor
Geforce FX 5200 128MB
80GB (7200 rpm)

That’s a good computer, no?

If you’re going to run XP, ONLY do it from a clean install. NEVER upgrade.

If you do it from a clean install, XP is fantastic. It’s never crashed on me, and the only problems I’ve ever had with it were the result of spyware.

Win 98, on the other hand, degrades quite rapidly after the first year. Win 98 has trouble containing memory leaks and whatnot, so if one program crashes, everything crashes.

XP takes care of that for the most part, but you’ll need a ton of memory.

@ Daz, yeah thats good - and like Abbad said clean install. Back all your stuff up - its worth it.
Although you might want a better graphics card for all these great games coming out :wink:

It isn’t my computer, although I’ll suggest it to the owner.