Will Sega make a "Mini" Console?



After the successful release of Nintendo’s NES Classic and the upcoming release of the PS Classic, I’ve been wondering if Sega will release their own mini console? And if so which one should it be and what are the must have games for it?

For me it would be perfect if we got a Sega Satan ‘mini’. Obvious games to include are:

Panzer Dragoon Series, Nights into Dreams, Virtual Fighter, Guardian Heroes, Sonic, etc.

What do you guys think? Should Sega do something like this, what games should they include?


There’s the upcoming “Mega Drive Mini”, but I’d much rather see a “Saturn Classic”.

A mini Dreamcast might be interesting too… they could include games such as Skies of Arcadia and Chu Chu Rocket which aren’t on modern digital distribution platforms. Phantasy Star Online might be too much of a challenge.


Why not do all three? Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast. Although I’d rather see a Saturn mini first.


What’s the concept behind PS classic exactly? Does it emulate only the games it is preloaded with? What is the advantage of owning one VS owning an old PSX? I mean, I heard it costs $99US, so what’s the deal? It’s the price of all the games? But then, are more expected to be available later or what?

Why not just make a bundle available in PSN? I already am noticing the backlash from people cancelling pre-orders.


I’d like a Saturn mini, but let’s be real - if it did happen it’d be Japan only. My understanding is that it’s success in Japan is mostly due part of the Saturn being an indie RPG-box more than anything else, so if there was a Saturn mini, it’d be mostly just games like that. In Japanese.


Well, my original playstation’s disc laser died last year (22 years old!) and I had to buy a new system. Got it cheap though. So, maybe in the long run, with no moving parts the PlayStation Mini will last longer?

I’d just save your money anyway and go the emulation route! Besides nostalgia, there really is no reason to buy this with such a limited number of games…


Is PS1 emulation reliable enough for a good gameplay experience these days?


I played quite a few games using ePSXe. My entire original, collection is backed up actually. There are a bunch of plugins you can play around with to get the audio and video to your liking. There is also a cheat code plugin to use all of those great game shark codes we grew up using!

It would probably be best to get as many roms/iso’s as you can seeing how many of those sites like Emuparadise seem to be disappearing…


It’s reliable enough for Sony to use an available open source emulator (PCSX rearmed) for their own mini console.