Classic consoles

We’ve been seeing a few classic consoles arrive on the scenes, starting with the NES Classic, and more recently the upcoming PlayStation Classic and Mega Drive Mini systems. These consoles are generally miniaturised versions of the original consoles that include the highlights of that’s system’s lineup built in.

Do classic consoles appeal to you? Generally speaking, I prefer to play older games on modern consoles or PC, rather than adding yet another box beneath the TV. However, if Sega were ever to release a Saturn Classic I sure would be tempted.

I still use my original PlayStation, N64, PS2, 360, Xbox and Saturn. All still under my TV! Although, I mainly emulate Genesis, GBA, SNES, Wii and Gamecube games on my laptop.

I guess these are aimed at people who don’t have their old consoles, and are looking for a nostalgia kick.

So no, they don’t interest me :anjou_happy: Even a Saturn Mini wouldn’t convince me when SSF works just fine.

I wish I could get the L and R buttons to work…No matter what I try nothing works…

For me, I think it would depend on how well executed the overall package was. With SSF some games contain bugs, and there’s issues configuring particular controllers. Imagine a box that contained the complete Panzer Dragoon trilogy, Shining Force III, and various other highlights of the Saturn era that just worked, for a low cost. It would also allow people to avoid paying ridiculous amounts for Panzer Dragoon Saga on eBay.

I’d certainly buy it as a backup!